Are Smart Cars Safe?

Special Edition Cityflame Smart Fortwo

Smart cars were developed from the cooperation of Mercedes Benz and Swatch. Swatch Mercedes ART (smart) cars are economically friendly cars that are quite small in stature. The two companies invented them in a quest to find a small and compact car that is fuel efficient, easy to park in small spaces, and environmentally friendly. They released the model, Fortwo. Aptly named mostly because they do not have a backseat and can only carry two people at a time.

Smart Car Accessories

Accessories in the interior of this car come in the same style as other regular cars, and the owner is free to change anything inside and customize it accordingly. You can adjust the headrest, seat covers, motor speed sensors, and rear glass handle to fit your tastes. The interior audio and electronic accessories can also be customized depending on the customer’s needs. To enhance the experience, Smart can install additional speakers. The steering wheel and manual transmissions can be adjusted or replaced entirely. The exterior layout is pretty simple, but the owner can use stickers and paint, and a small platform can be added for bike owners.

The beauty of a smart car

It is small – this one is especially an advantage for people that live or operate in a city, because it is just under eight feet long and less than five feet wide. Three of them can fit comfortably into one parallel parking spot. It can also be parked on the curbside if there is no available parking space, making it convenient in a city.

It is fuel efficient – with one gallon of fuel; a smart car can go for thirty-two miles in the city and thirty-nine miles on the highway, a statistic profoundly surpassed by other car models. Given the current prices of gas that keep skyrocketing, this car would save its owner a few dollars.

Environmentally friendly – smart cars are built to consume less fuel or use sustainable non-petroleum fuels like electricity to reduce their emission of greenhouse gases into the environment. The very fact that they are small and thus occupy a small space enhances sustainable cities.

Safety of the smart car

They are always in good condition. Even when it is a used smart car, it will always have a cute, flossy appearance that makes it seem like a cube on wheels. The anterior edge trimmed down is a feature that gives this car great stability. The designers gave it a three-cylinder engine that powers the vehicle, making it the lightest four-wheel vehicle at 1500 pounds. One of the major fears with the smart car is that it would not fare well in a collision – a concern that is alleviated by the added feature of a steel safety shell. This shell encloses the interior of the car, and together with the energy absorbing crumple zone in the front of the vehicle, they lessen the impact of the crash. Crash tests conducted on the smart car showed that its body remained mostly intact from a collision of 70 miles per hour compared to the impact on a typical compact car.

This car is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, very compact and perfect for small spaces and saves on gas. Head to Sandown Group to get yourself one at great prices.

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