Are Car Crashes About To Be Extinct?



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If you’ve kept up to date with news from the tech industry and the car industry, you’ll know that the two have been colliding in truly spectacular ways. Technology
is improving everything about driving from how easy it is to unlock a car to the little features that make it comfortable. These days, if your car isn’t massaging your back as you drive, you might want to consider an upgrade. However, one of the most impressive aspects of new car tech is how safe it’s making the roads. Little and large advancements could soon make car accidents a relic of the past. How is this possible and what does it mean for the future of the car industry?

Smart Highways


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We’ll start with a fairly basic piece of tech. At least, it seems basic on the surface, but it isn’t. Smart highways are actually very clever. They don’t just flash the speed that someone has decided you should be driving at due to the level of traffic. Instead, they calculate the number of cars on the road and the likelihood of issues such as congestion. If the potential of congestion is a high possibility, the speed of all drivers is reduced. Don’t forget, heavy traffic has been known to cause serious accidents. If only because people often crash into the back of queues that they weren’t expecting.

Crash Prevention


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One of the coolest pieces of tech on the market right now is crash prevention. What this means is that if your car thinks you are about to crash, the car will take action. It will maneuver you away from harm, using the same piece of tech that some vehicles now use to auto park. Little cameras are placed on the outer surface of the car and are able to use laser tech. They can calculate the distance between the cars and ensure you are the appropriate distance for braking. If you’re not, you will feel the car increase the distance for you. It’s a shocking occurrence but one that will make the roads safer. A car accident attorney will have a hard time arguing their case when all cars are equipped with this tech. But the truth is this is just the beginning.

Auto Car

This the bigger picture, the car that drives by itself. The vehicle that needs no human interaction at all and it will be on the road this year. There are plenty of car producers working on development models right now. In ten or twenty years, it’s quite possible no car on the road will be manual. Instead, you’ll hop in, and the car will take you exactly where you want to go. We imagine the development process of this tech will be slow. But the endgame will be no more driving independently and no more crashes.


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