And the Award Goes to…..Lexus GS!

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I think that we have all dreamed at this thing since we first started driving:  an air conditioning system that can reduce the power consumption. And now we have it!

This is the main reason why Lexus GS won the “Production Vehicle Interior Innovation of the Year” award from Automotive Interiors Expo 2012 (Europe).

More powerful than the previous one, this new system of air conditioning includes S-Flow technology, sensors (which detect the unoccupied seats and shuts down the air conditioning in these areas), the “Temperature Airflow Output control” which helps the passengers  modify the airflow and a 2-tier interior and exterior air control which prevents the windows from fogging.

But for me, the coolest thing is that it has a “nanoe ® system” which releases some particles that simply clear the air and moisturize the skin.

They have thought at everything, therefore they deserve this prize. Don’t you think?