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Review of the Allstate Vehicle Service Contract

In our opinion:

Allstate vehicle service agreements are equivalent to competitors’ coverage options. Customers can choose between three coverage options, all of which are transferable. However, these contracts have strict approval requirements.



$ 50 deductible

Supported by a first class insurer


Not available in California and Massachusetts

Eligible vehicles must have less than 50,000 miles on the odometer and be less than 4 model years old

An Allstate vehicle service contract can save you money on car repairs that are required after your car’s factory warranty has expired. This review delves into Allstate vehicle service contract coverage, cost, customer reviews, and more.

We checked that too best extended car warranty Company, and we’ll take a look at how Allstate vehicle service contracts hold up against industry-leading plans. As always, it is wise to seek quotes from multiple providers before choosing the right coverage for you. You must contact Allstate for pricing for your vehicle. However, you can also compare personalized offers from our top companies recommended below.

Top companies with extended warranty

We’ve reviewed the best extended auto warranty providers. Here are our top offers.

Allstate Vehicle Service Contract: What You Need To Know

Allstate Vehicle service contract The plans cover a wide range of parts repairs and replacements in the event of a mechanical defect. These plans pay 100% of the covered parts and labor, minus a deductible of $ 50.

Allstate is a premier insurer selling insurance products in all 50 states and vehicle coverage plans in all states except California and Massachusetts.

Allstate Vehicle Service Contract Coverage

There are three options for Allstate Vehicle Service Contracts: Powertrain, Core Systems, and Comfort and Technology. Each includes a range of components, from the engine and transmission to convenience items like cruise control and keyless entry systems.

Here is a breakdown of each Allstate vehicle service contract:

  • Powertrain: Covers the most important parts of your car including the engine, transmission, and drive axle
  • Core systems: Protects your brakes, steering, suspension, electrical systems, and more, but doesn’t cover drivetrain components
  • Comfort & technology: Covers Air conditioning and heating systems, convenience tech and safety tech functions

Allstate Vehicle Service Contract Additional Benefits

All three Allstate vehicle service contracts provide the following benefits:

  • Breakdown assistance: Covers Emergency road services, lockout assistance, and towing up to $ 100 per incident
  • Alternative transportation: Refunds for a rental car, rideshare, or taxi up to $ 40 per day for a maximum of seven days
  • Tripping interruption: Refunds up to $ 500 per event for a maximum of three days if your car breaks down more than 100 miles from home

Additional Allstate Warranty Products

In addition to the comprehensive Allstate vehicle service agreements listed above, the provider offers special tire and wheel protection, as well as windshield and rental repairs:

  • Allstate tire and wheel: If a tire or wheel is damaged and needs to be replaced, this protection covers the cost of a new tire or wheel, installation, balancing, valve stems, tire pressure sensors and disposal of the damaged part. There is no deductible with this plan and no limit on the number of times it can be used.
  • Allstate Windshield and Dent Repair: This plan repairs windshield cracks up to 6 “in length, broken glass up to 1.5” in diameter, and paintless repairs on dents up to 4 “. There is no deductible on this plan, but it is not available in Arizona.

Allstate Vehicle Service Contract Cost

The cost of an Allstate vehicle service contract depends, among other things, on the year, make, model, and mileage of your vehicle.

  • place
  • providers
  • Duration of coverage

Allstate vehicle service contracts have a deductible of $ 50, but no additional cost information is available on the company’s website.

Allstate reviews

Allstate has an A + rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This bodes well for the company’s business practices. While there were no customer reviews on Allstate vehicle service contracts on the BBB website, customers have positive feedback about Allstate customer service and automotive insurance products.

Positive customer ratings praise polite representatives, easy windshield replacement, and long-term customer satisfaction. Negative reviews warn of problems with the coverage of certain repairs.

Final thoughts: Allstate Vehicle Service Contract

Allstate vehicle service agreements offer extensive coverage and impressive coverage of tires, wheels, dents and windshields. An Allstate vehicle service contract could be a good option for drivers who:

  • Would you like specific coverage for tires, wheels, glass and physical damage?
  • Would you like a Wr cover to supplement a long factory warranty for the drive train?
  • Have Allstate auto insurance and you may get additional discounts for bundling coverage

Our top tips for an extended warranty

If you’re looking for ways to save money on unpredictable car repairs after a breakdown, we recommend Endurance and CARCHEX.

Endurance: 5.0 stars

Endurance offers some of the best extended warranty coverage in the business. It has also received positive customer reviews from industry experts and customers alike. The company offers six different plans:

  • Highest: With Endurance’s bumper-to-bumper exclusion guarantee, this plan covers almost your entire vehicle with the exception of a short list of exclusions.
  • Think: The Endurance Superior plan covers hundreds of specific components.
  • Safe plus: The main areas of coverage of this plan include the engine, transmission, powertrain, steering, electrical systems, and brakes.
  • To back up: The Secure Plan is the cheapest guarantee for endurance vehicles and focuses exclusively on the most important and expensive parts of your vehicle such as the engine, transmission and turbo / compressor.
  • Choose Premier: This plan focuses on protecting a vehicle’s powertrain and is specifically tailored to meet the needs of high-mileage vehicles.
  • Endurance advantageTM: This plan combines maintenance and repair protection.

In addition to high-quality coverage, Endurance offers the most comprehensive additional service package of all top providers. All plans include one year of free registration to the Endurance Elite Membership Program, which gives customers the following benefits:

365 sports cars you have to drive
  • Keychain replacement
  • Repair finance loan
  • Identity theft protection
  • Roadside assistance around the clock
  • Tire repairs or replacement
  • Personal concierge service
  • $ 250 entertainment vouchers

Find out more about this provider in our full Checking the endurance guaranteeand receive a free, personalized endurance offer below.

CARCHEX: 5.0 stars

CARCHEX enjoys a good reputation among customers and partners with major brands such as CARFAX, and Kelley Blue Book. With CARCHEX you can choose from five vehicle protection levels:

  • Titanium: The highest available coverage
  • Platinum: A comprehensive plan for specified components that covers parts from all major vehicle systems
  • Gold: A mid-tier coverage plan best suited for vehicles with more than 60,000 miles
  • Silver: An advanced powertrain plan for the essential systems of your vehicle
  • Bronze: A basic drivetrain cover plan to protect your motor, transmission, and drive axles

Some of the benefits that come with any CARCHEX Extended Car Warranty Plan are:

  • Roadside assistance around the clock
  • Trip interruption triggered
  • Reimbursement of rental cars

Read our full CARCHEX evaluation Find out more about why this provider is high on our list of the best warranty companies out there. You can also see how much a CARCHEX plan would cost you by clicking below.

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