Allen Iverson Rolling On Rolls Royce

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Allen Iverson, the Detroit Piston, one of the most popular basketball player of USA, was recently spotted on the street with him Lamborghini. You know being a news item is a fancy trend among celebrities. The Lamborghini of Allen had an expired dealer tag. That’s violation, right? Cops following the move ended up on the car. They issued him ticket and hooked the car along on their way back. That’s pretty sad.

Allen Iverson’s Lamborghini

However, Allen is always inspiring and well known to his clans for his back up plans. Soon, Allen came out from his Lamborghini, the million dollar car, he jumped on a Rolls Royce, another American luxury limousine icon of all time, roving from behind.

That too was his Rolls Royce. So the crack on the nut is, Allen, while moves on a car, he gets a back up rolling with him, what if the cops make their catch of the day.
Source: TMZ

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