All About Truck Tarps


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Whether you own a regular truck or a commercial truck, the law requires that you have a truck tarp on the back of your truck. This is not only for safety reasons but also for saving our environment from materials which may fall over from passing trucks. The tarps also protect the products on the truck from bad weather.


A particular truck tarp doesn’t have a specific composition but it is required that its length and width corresponds to that of the trailer of a flatbed or a dump track. A good truck tarp should be made of sturdy material which is resistant to the whipping wind and other adversities. It should also be waterproof, if need be. Some of the materials used to make truck tarps include canvas, polyethylene, mesh and vinyl. Canvas is not commonly used because it tears up quickly.

 How To Choose The Best Truck Tarp

What do you intend to use the tarp for? The type of tarp you choose is guided by its intended purpose. You would probably go for a lightweight and waterproof tarp if you need to protect your goods from bad weather. This means you will choose either a vinyl or polyethylene truck tarp. These materials however have short life span but they are cheaper.

Choosing the best tarp for the trailer of your truck means that you will have to choose a heavy duty material tarp. High density polyethylene and vinyl are the known heavy duty materials. They last longer and they are able to safeguard the contents on the trailer even at extreme weather conditions.

Most of the heavy duty polyethylene or vinyl tarps are usually fastened with grommets through which a cable can attach the tarp to the truck body. They are robust and can withstand extreme conditions including heavy rains and strong UV rays. They are expensive and can secure loads on pickups, flatbeds, dump trucks and other types of trucks.

A heavy duty material tarp come with hooks plus leather straps which solves the problems encountered when securing the load using nylon ropes. Mesh traps can be used where there is no need to protect the load from bad weather. All truck tarps should be carefully secured to prevent damage on the traffic behind.

Why You Need To Use A Truck Tarp

The reason why you have to use a truck tarp is not debatable. Besides it being a requirement of the law, a truck tarp has great importance. First of all, truck tarps protect the materials on board from getting damaged ensuring that they reach their destination in good condition.

The tarps also ensures that the traffic behind is kept safe from materials which may fall over from the truck. This should be achieved by securing the load with great care and professionally. Truck tarps are usually made for particular cargo types; therefore keep in mind the kind of cargo you are carrying before settling for a particular truck tarp.

Safely Securing Load Using Truck Tarps

Hems of all sides of a truck are reinforced with nice braids of nylon ropes which are double-stitched for extra support while the interior seams are tightly heat sealed. The D’ rings are securely fitted to the nylon-reinforced corners every 2 feet. These corners have triangle-shaped fabric reinforcement for more secure attachment.

Many dump trucks use roll tarpaulins. For flatbed trucks, they should be covered well since they carry larger and more durable items. The solid brass grommets reinforce the corners of the tarpaulins making it easier to tie down.

Most tarps are made of fabric which doesn’t tear quickly, resist acid spills and even mildew. Also UV treatment may be applied on the tarps to offer extra protection to the load.

For any kind of truck, truck tarps are essential to ensure that the load reaches its destination in its original condition.