A Guide to Buying Your First Car

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Now that you have an idea of the first car you want as a car buyer, you want the next thing to do: head out for a hunt on where or who to purchase your car because most people who thought of buying their first car head to online third-party sites, car online dealerships, or OEM car sites for details to buy new car. But whichever sites you prefer to look for details about the preferred vehicle, here are more tips to consider buying your first car.

1. Budgeting and Finance Options
As a buyer who already has an idea in mind what car to purchase, the next question would be, “how much money do you have or are willing to pay the car for?” because chances are, the way you want to pay for a car will have an impact on its price. Outright car payment will have a significant advantage than paying it monthly for the next 3-5 years.

Other things that you need to consider in setting up a budget for your first car are the following: insurance premiums, gas costs, maintenance and repairs, and registration fees depending on where you live or where you regularly work.

2. Choose a Seller
There are two ways or main channels where you can purchase used or new cars. First is through a local car dealership like new car dealership in San Diego, which offers flexible financing terms with many car models. The second one is purchasing through a private seller. The good thing about purchasing your dream car from a seller who has it, negotiations for the price are possible as these private sellers are highly motivated because some of them need to sell the vehicle the soonest to buy them a new car model.

Then if possible, also ask if either the car dealership or private seller allows test driving of the car model for you to at least have the experience of what it feels like sitting inside the potential car you’ll purchase for yourself.

See this infographic to help you learn more about buying your first car.

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