A Brief Look at the Volkswagen Bus


Bus renovations are in every man’s dreams, whether he knows it or not. Practicality, space, and the ability to close the door and relocate in an hour are just some of the reasons why owning a bus is so attractive to many people. Some of these super roadsters are too big, though, and can often carry whole bands as well as all of their groupies. Many celebrities use them while touring, as their home is always with them, but you don’t need all of that when you are just heading off to a festival or going on a coastal weekend break.

The Volkswagen bus is one of the most renowned vehicles in history. Strong and sturdy, they have lasted through the years and come through as one of the most wanted vehicles in the world. Their value has increased and their capabilities have diversified because of some of the modifications made by VW enthusiasts.


Keep It Hidden

Some have been restored to their original glory and kept as trophies to remind people of their youth and the good auld days. Many of these are off the road for most of the year and are kept hidden away in garages in fear that the harsh weather will eat away the shell and overuse of the parts will destroy the mechanics. There are lots of people out there with an unhealthy obsession with VW vans. The majority of them are part of a Volkswagen fan club or society who often take off on weekend excursions in convoys of red, blue, and yellow — the more popular colours of the Volkswagen van.

Icy Tracks

A few have gone a step further, though, with the restoration projects and have done some retro outfitting, which I am sure the enthusiastic Volkswagen fans aren’t too happy about. A few people have turned their buses into all-night party machines with deck booths and party/cocktail bars installed to impress their friends and be part of the cool underground scene. There are also the diehard northern hemisphere Volkswagen fans who can’t drive during the winter due to ice, so they have modified their vans in a unique and creative way by putting tracks onto their vans allowing them to move through their terrain with ease and also be the cool kid on the block.


The Babe Magnet

If you are getting a bus converted, you are best to get in touch with the professionals. One thing about VW vans is that they generally don’t have a lot of room, but you do look fairly slick as you are driving down through the old country roads to get to your destination. Refurbished VW vans make great “babe magnets,” and you will be the envy of everybody in the caravan park when you rock up with your shiny rims and vintage-looking wheels. VW vans can be hard to get a hold of, but once you have one you will never let go of it.