9ff Porsche GT9 at 409 kph

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The 600.000€ supercar, 9ff Porsche GT9, has managed to surpass Bugatti Veyron, reaching the maximum speed of 409 kph, an amazing performance.
Porsche’s project has started from a GT3, the engineers keeping some body elements, but completely modifying the engine, which now develops 987 bhp and reaches a torque of 964 lb/ft.

9ff Porsche GT9 at 409 kph

It’s remarkable how they have brought out so much power from such a tiny engine: a central 4.2 liter twin-turbo. The impressive power dues to the titan reciprocating rod and the wrought pistons.
This Porsche not only is faster, but also exclusive, only 20 exemplars being made, each at a price of €600.000.
Are you able to pay this much for this powerful car?

9ff Porsche GT9 at 409 kph

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