9 Ways To Properly Care For Your Diesel Engine

Your diesel engine is not going to take care of itself, and if you ignored the standard maintenance procedures, you could find yourself walking to your destinations. The truth is that diesel care and performance are directly intertwined. If you want to make the most of your investment in a diesel engine, and the lucrative fuel economy it provides, then be sure that you are following these methods to properly care for your vehicle’s engine.

Maintenance Tips

-Make sure that inspect the glow plugs often to assure that your engine is properly maintained. When the ignition is used, it relies upon compressed heat. Many times this heat does not get hot enough to burn the fuel. Often, glow plugs are used to heat up the cylinder. These plugs should be inspected frequently, particularly during the colder times of the year.

-Maintain your gaskets. These gaskets take the brunt of the engine’s workload and usually are operated under rather unforgiving conditions. The mounting bolts and the gaskets should be inspected often to help identify and remedy any leaks and other issues that can arise.

-Your oil filter should be inspected and changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. This is because sulfur residue from the engine will build up and eventually render these filters useless. Good filters will help prevent corrosive elements from getting in the fuel, thus helping to keep your engine clean and running soundly.

-Know your safety methods. For example, make sure that there is full engine support before you unscrew any plugs, nuts or bolts. What’s more, be sure that you avoid accidents by allowing any fluids the right amount of time to cool down before you check them, flush them or drain them. And, of course, always make sure the engine is turned off before you attempt to do any maintenance.

-Use diesel treatment at the gas pump, and frequently. Experts say that you should try to add one bottle of this treatment to each tank that you fill up. But this can get rather costly. Instead, shoot for one bottle every three to four times that you fill up. Doing so helps keep the diesel fuel pure and your engine running clean.

-Don’t put off maintenance. Diesel engines require frequent maintenance as well as complete inspections throughout the year. This also includes regular oil and filter changes and fluid flushes. Make sure you are caring for your vehicle properly by having it serviced by a professional at each interval that the manufacturer recommends.

-Consider using bio-diesel to get more life from your engine. Most newer types can be used with minimal, if any, modifications. You’ll be maximizing the life expectancy of your vehicle while also reducing your carbon footprint simultaneously.

By properly caring for your vehicle, you can get the most miles from it. Don’t forget that you should only use EOM parts, including EOM certified rebuilt parts for the best results.