$750,000 Lexus LF-A Super Car Surprise Gift For Paris Hilton

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If there is one thing she is good at is drawing attention everywhere she goes. For her 30th birthday, Paris Hilton was indeed the luckiest girl on the planet. It appeared as an envy of every girl in the celebrity circles, her fans and the world at large. Paris Hilton who is a hotel heir and a renowned celeb, has featured in talk shows, movies, fashion shows modeling contracts and even recording her music labels.

$750,000 Lexus LF-A Super Car Surprise Gift For Paris Hilton

Her super millionaire boyfriend CY indeed proved his great love to Paris by buying her a surprise birthday gift of a yellow Lexus LF –A super car that is worth $750,000. Despite looking forward to celebrate her birthday, her week was full of festivities that included television appearances, expansion of her entrepreneur empire and the launch of her signature iPhone.

To kick of birthday festivities of the day she was at New York her hometown, where she was seen dancing to her remixed version song of turn it up and engaging the crowd to dance along to Dj booths music mix as she took her liqueur shots. Later she attended the David Letterman and Wendy William late shows. At the David Letterman show, she was able to demonstrate how her iPhone app works by capturing two photos of him and presenting them to the live audience.

$750,000 Lexus LF-A Super Car Surprise Gift For Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton’s car is not just an ordinary car as it out-stands all other models. It is the latest versions and bears the concept name of Lexus Future –Advance(LF-A).It is a future advance car because it is a 2011 model .Worldwide only 500 customers together with the likes of Paris Hilton, will be able to ride this luxurious car that is custom ordered to a customers specifications. The vehicle has owner’s plaque that is individually numbered, indicating the units place in the production run. The engine also bears the signature of the specialist that assembled it. Much like Ferrari f50, the LF-A is sold on a two-year lease program to ensure their current owners do not resell for a profit.

The Lexus LF-A super car has several unique features in its interior, exterior and performance. These include two-bucket seats that consist of a passenger and a driver seat belt with airbag design. To activate the vehicle the driver has to insert the key beside the steering wheel then press the start button. Suitcases made of carbon fiber style materials are also found in this vehicle. There is smaller one for short trips and a larger one for long trip. All this amazing features are what make this present that was given to Paris Hilton unique.

Exterior features include the body design that emphasizes on down force. Air scoops are mounted on the radiators to help cool the brakes. The Lexus LF-A super car body offers a choice of standard 28 colors. Its carbon fiber body enables its sharp edges to improve its aerodynamic performance. Its taillights are those of (L E D) light emitting mode.

It has a gearbox that is of a six speed automated sequence operated by paddle shifters .The vehicles engine sounds like that of a Formula One Car at the same time maintaining reliability and vibration control.