7 Super Car Care Tips to Save Money

The inventor of cars wanted to make the world a better place. And he managed to do so. But the person who will manage to invent a car that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance will be treated as a God. Meanwhile, those who own cars and like to keep it that way are forced to discover new ways to economize.

It sounds rough, but it’s not an impossible thing to do. Check out the following tips and put them into practice. You’ll notice an improvement in your budget. For sure!

Photo source: inspiredpureliving.com
Photo source: inspiredpureliving.com
  1. Change your oil. I know it sounds dirty and complicated, but in fact it’s neither one of these things. If you find it difficult at first ask someone with experience to show you how it’s done. Afterwards, it will seem a piece of cake.
  2. If there is a red light coming and there is no one behind you, try to coast to the stop light. Try not to hurry so that you can arrive to the red light without stopping completely. Then when the lights go green you can simply accelerate smoothly without using a lot of fuel.
  3. The only thing more important the tires is the engine. A car cannot really function without these two things, can it? Of course, there are other vital parts of a car that together can make it or break it. But when it comes to the tires of your car you need to take good care of them. The best and cheapest tip is to avoid broken glass, sharp objects or bumpy roads. Always check for extreme wear and keep them inflated in order to avoid future extra tear.
  4. What are apps for? Use them to save up on car maintenance and gas. Like gasbuddy.com. This website helps you find the cheapest gas station close to you. So hurry up and download it.
  5. Wash your car. Yes, it is an extra burden but you will save up money if you do it right. And don’t forget that maintenance is just as important as cleaning. If you remember to keep it clean, it will stay this way for a longer period of time. Simple, no?
Photo source: carcare.org
Photo source: carcare.org

6. Brake pads replacement. This is another thing you can do without having to spend all your lunch money. Normally, brake pads have to be replaced around 20,000 miles but for certainty, check the owner’s manual. Although you have to be extremely careful since, you know, it’s your life on the line, you can change your brake pads all by yourself. It’s easy!

7. If you really have to, go to trusted car repair shops. There are some repairs that might be too complicated for you to do alone. So make sure you use a good repair shop. You will come across many dishonest shops, so do your research and choose wisely!

What other tips do you have that can help car owners save up? Share them with us!

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