6 tips for taking care of your new car


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Getting a new car can be a very exciting time and a milestone in your life. Like your mobile phone, your car could effectively feel like an extension of yourself, reflecting your personality and allowing you to easily do a lot more than before.

However, as this is your car, you are very much responsible for keeping it in good condition. Here are several ways you can help yourself to do exactly that.

Rein yourself in during the break-in period

A car’s break-in period is usually the first thousand miles it is driven, according to Reader’s Digest. Being careful at this stage can help you to keep your vehicle in top condition for longer.

For example, you could limit your speed to less than 55mph and, for your first few hours of driving in this car, keep your acceleration in the light-to-medium range.

Continue driving carefully after the break-in period

This means neither racing the car’s engine as you start it up nor accelerating quickly. These are habits that can wear down aspects of your car and so require you to shell out for automotive repairs sooner.

Meanwhile, to help extend the life of your tires, you should adhere to posted speed limits and avoid any potholes or objects you see on the road.

Don’t try too hard to dislodge your car from mud or snow

If your car does get stuck in mud or snow, failing to heed this advice would risk damaging an expensive component.

While it would be fine for you to gently rock the car in an attempt to free it, you shouldn’t resort to throwing your car between forward and reverse repeatedly or spinning your tires at high speeds.


Find a good source of car insurance

As you can never be certain when or if disaster will strike when driving your car, you should have it insured by a company willing to fund parts from the original manufacturer.

While car insurance is obviously an added expense in itself, you could get some funding towards it – for example, from a competition site like Dream Car Giveaways if you win a car on there.

Park your car in the shade whenever practical  

When you are out and about and need to park your car somewhere, choose a shaded area if one is available. Doing so can minimize interior damage that UV sunlight and heat could otherwise inflict on your vehicle.

Another advantage of following this tip is that, on sunny days, it can help you to keep your car cool for when you step back into it.

Clean your car both inside and out

This piece of advice could practically warrant an entire article of its own – so, it’s convenient that Auto Express has exactly that kind of article for you to read.

Though you could hire a professional to get your car cleaned, you could actually save money by doing the job yourself – provided you have the right gear and enough time to clean the car to a thorough standard.

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