6 Common Car Problems That Often Result in Big Problems


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About 88 percent of Americans have cars. Most of which are using them in some capacity every day.

As this is the case, it is important that cars run properly. However, like all machines, automobiles are going to have problems from time to time.

There some small problems that can be ignored. Alternatively, there are some problems that can develop into major issues.

Read on to discover 6 common car problems that often result in big trouble.

1) Blown Fuses

The fuse box is a simple part that controls the major aspects of a car. Generally found under the hood of a car, the fuse box facilitates the electrical components. This includes tail lights, radio, interior lights, etc.

If a fuse blows, you will lose control of that specific function. This a small issue, but if you blow the wrong fuse, you could find yourself driving without headlights!

Luckily, this is an easy fix and most cars come with spare fuses.

2) Worn Brake Pads

When you start to hear squeaking from your brakes, it’s okay. That noise is built in to warn drivers it’s time to change brakes. This happens to every car.

Yet, many drivers ignore this small problem and choose to drive on. If you keep driving on worn brake pads, you will start to lose brake performance.

Worn pads are a small problem to fix, but ignoring it could mean the difference between an inexpensive repair and a car accident.

3) Wheel Alignment

Wheels become misaligned after hitting bumps and potholes over time. Again, this is a very common issue, but it needs to be inspected on time.

If you drive for too long on wheels that aren’t aligned, your tires will wear out quickly and unevenly.

4) Worn Out Wipers

About once a year, a car’s windshield wipers will begin to fall apart. This is a minor problem, particularly if it’s not raining. However, if you forget to replace your wipers when necessary, the torn-up blades can scratch the windshield.

A scratched windshield is a much more expensive problem than new wipers.

5) Leaking Fluids

A car is full of many fluids. Gasoline, washer fluid, and oil are a few. Therefore, if you ever notice any fluids leaking from the bottom of your ride, don’t brush it off.

This could be a slow leak that seems like a small problem. But, that leak could result in something like your power steering fluid running out.

6) Bad Spark Plugs

A final problem to watch out for is the spark plugs. Spark plugs are the part of your car that ignites the fuel for combustion. When spark plugs get dirty or start to go bad, the car will have trouble running.

If the spark plugs are completely burnt, the car won’t start at all.

Look Out For These Common Car Problems

Now that you are familiar with some of these small common car problems, keep an eye on them. Mitigating these issues can keep them from resulting in big problems.

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