5 Ways To Reduce The Running Costs Of Your Car


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A car is often considered an essential item. However, despite being essential they are an expensive addition to your current expenditure. The average cost of car insurance in Australia is over $1,100. That is approximately $90 a month plus fuel, which is at least $20 per week. In short, you are paying at least $170 a month just to drive your car around and that doesn’t cover the cost of maintaining it.

Servicing and repairs are essential if you want to stay on the road. That’s why you need to reduce the running costs of your car in any way you can.

  • Rent Your Space

If you have a vehicle then there is a good chance you have a space to park it in. You can rent this space out when you are not using it or rent a spare space if you have one. It is much easier than you think to rent your space out. Simply take a look at parking Fortitude Valley, they will handle everything for you, allowing you to use the funds to reduce the running costs of your vehicle.

  • Review Insurance

Now that you have realized how much you spend on car insurance it is time to do something about it. Before your policy renews get quotes from other insurers. You will need to ensure you are getting the same level of cover before selecting the best policy.

But, there is a good chance you can save yourself money by reviewing and even changing your car insurance.   

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  • Do Your Own Maintenance

If you have a new car you are not going to want to do the servicing, it needs to be done by the garage to validate the warranty. However, once it has finished you will find that it is surprisingly easy to change an oil filter or air filter.

Using genuine parts may not make much difference to the cost but doing it yourself instead of paying the high hourly rate can make a big saving.  

  • Drive Carefully

You have probably heard about the difference that can be made by driving carefully. In fact, everyone should drive carefully, the real difference is made by avoiding harsh acceleration and braking. This simply means planning more and being more aware as you drive. The smoother ride will save you fuel which saves you money!

  • Car Sharing

In some cases, car sharing isn’t an option because there is no one near you interested in doing it or your hours are too irregular to share with someone else.

But, if you can share with someone else you will instantly save yourself some money. After all, you won’t need to pay fuel costs and there will be less mileage on the vehicle.

You never know, car sharing can even help you to make new friends.

There are other ways to save money on your car running costs. But, the above are a great starting point.

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