5 Tips to purchasing a tow bar bike rack


Do you love to ride your bicycle and wish it was easier to transport? There are now so many tow bar bike racks available that there is one to fit every need. Gone are the days of trying to hook up a bike rack that was heavy and awkward. These are the same bike racks that wouldn’t fit on your vehicle right and always looked like they were going to fall off with your bike attached.

Here are 5 tips to purchasing a tow bar bike rack that will fit your needs.

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  1. How many bikes will you be towing?

There are bike racks that will carry just your bike or multiples. It is important to know how many bikes so that you will have enough room for all. If you think you may want to add on more bikes in the future then purchase a tow bar bike rack that will fit extras.

  1. Will you want vehicle access with the bikes mounted?

This is something that many people do not think about until they want to get to the trunk of the vehicle. It can prove to be very frustrating to have to take all the bikes off the rack to grab an item out of the trunk. A fullswing bike rack allows the access with all the bikes mounted on the rack.

  1. Does the rack need a professional to be installed?

Most of the tow bar bike racks purchased now are easy to assemble. Easy installation also means you will be more willing to bring your bikes places. If you must fight with the rack to take even a small trip, it will get left behind with your bikes.

  1. How much do you want to spend?

The process will range so you want to be able to choose one within your budget. Make sure to do some research and compare the prices. We found a great towbar bike rack available right here that fit into our budget very nicely. If you have questions about the bike rack you are thinking of purchasing, make sure to ask a salesman to get the answers.

  1. Don’t want anything to assemble?

You guessed it! There are racks that come fully assembled and all you must do is snap it on and go. This snap and go is a luxury for those who want to be traveling a lot with their bikes. Great for those who are training. The more times you use these racks the easier it becomes. It will literally take you minutes to have your bike mounted and ready to hit the road.

Choosing the right tow bar bike rack to fit your needs may take some time and research but it pays off in the end. Enjoying your trips while you have your bike adds to the enjoyment and sightseeing. There are bike racks that will carry just your bike or multiples. The racks are durable and built for a lifetime of towing bikes while making access to the vehicle easier than ever before.