5 Tips on Car Cleaning


Your car is the light of your eyes. You tune it making it look fierce and unstoppable. You fill the tank so that you can always rev the engine the way your honey deserves. And then you clean it (daily if possible) to give her the look of authentic princess that looks good on her.

But do you know how to perform a perfect car cleaning operation? Did you know that there is so much to learn when it comes to cleaning your car? Do you want to know how to spoil your baby when cleaning it? Check out the following tips. You will thank us later!

5 Important Tips on Perfect Car Cleaning

Photo source: www.google.com

1.  Wet and rinse the car – make sure to use tap water and don’t even think about using a sponge. If you do this the only result will be that you will end up picking up grip and rubbing it on the car from one side to the other. You can select a high pressure hose or a hose pipe with a powerful jet.  Slowly, the dirt will start to dissolve and while it does that you should start thinking about cleaning the inside of your car.

2. On the inside – start by removing the mats and by vacuuming the interior of the car. With a damp cloth wipe the dashboard, console and other type of plastic elements existent. Try to stay away from the products containing Silicone because they can leave a greasy residue. Just imagine what that can do if it reaches the pedals. Finish by wiping down the boot, sills and seams.

3. Pre and main wash – while the car is still wet, use clean water and a car shampoo that doesn’t cause a lot of foam or bubbles. After you are done with this phase, move on to a cotton cleaning pad and a quality shampoo. Clean the stubborn stains by using the orange peel method. This way you will avoid those scratches that come with bad cleaning techniques.

4. Rinse and dry – rinsing is an important part in car cleaning. The best tip in this case is to use a watering can filled with clean water. After you are done sprinkling your car, dry it with Chamois leather. This will create a sort of thin layer of water that will evaporate after some time. With patience you get the right results.

5. Polish – to add that extra glow go ahead and use some polish. Simply rub it on in straight lines and use an electronic buffer to finish the deal faster.

Follow these tips and you will soon become a professional in car cleaning!