5 Tips For Selling a Used Car

Your car gave you a few good years of service. Now you must part with and sell it, you just need to know how to start. Let us help you. Consult our list before you start the car selling process.

Clean and Fix

Create a checklist of all areas to clean. Conduct a general cleaning of the major areas, and then work on the hard to reach parts. Vacuum the floor mat and shampoo it.  If the mat is too damaged, simply replace it. Use vehicle window cleaner to remove streaks from mirrors and windows.

Dry the glass with newspapers to avoid smudges. Use a pressure hose to clean the nooks and crevices. Pressure hose are usually found at gas stations. Spray odor eliminating spray into the air system, located near the windshield base.

Remove upholstery stains with cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol. Clean it with laundry detergent. Give the car some shine by applying wax or a new coat of paint.

Save on some car cleaning supplies by buying them at Walgreens. Walgreens often offers weekly discounts, which are found on its website and Groupon.

Have a trusted mechanic examine your car. Pay to have minor issues fixed to increase the sales price. Check tires, brakes, engine light, headlights, and light bulbs. Repair any of those areas if they show signs of issues.


Know the Value

Use Kelley’s Blue Book for an estimated price value of your car. Also consult KBB for a list of competition in your area. Next, take your newly cleaned and fixed car to a car salesmen.

Tell him that you want to sell your car. Next, ask for an offer. This offer gives you an estimate of what others may be willing to pay for your car. Also check eBay Motors to compare car prices.


Keep records of your car’s repairs, maintenance history, receipts, and invoices. Visit the Vehicle History Report website to find out the history of your car in case potential buyers ask about it.

After selling your car, gather the vehicle title, registration card, inspection certificate, and bill of state. Go to the Department of Motor Vehicles to fill out a notice of transfer and release of liability form. This frees you from any future liability claims with your former car.

Decide how to Sell It

Place a ‘For Sale’ sign inside your car window. Make sure to include the price and your phone number in this sign. Next choose between selling the car through an auction site,Craigslist, or placing an ad on eBay Motors.

Know the best season to sell your car. SUVs sell best in the winter, and convertibles sell well in spring and summer.

Stage the Picture

Take a picture of the car when it’s completely fixed and cleaned. Take it against a neutral background to only highlight the car. Take pictures of the outside and inside the car.

Now that you have the car selling basics, ready, set, GO! Good luck on your car selling endeavor