5 Tips for Finding a Reputable Car Battery Service in Singapore


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A car cannot run without a good battery and if it is defective then it is important to seek car battery service. When it comes to handling car batteries, most car owners are skeptical about who handles their batteries. There are very many companies offering car battery services in Singapore. This can make it difficult to find a good and reputable company to handle your car battery in Singapore. To find a good company to service your car battery in Singapore, there are a few things you need to know.

  • Services Offered

When you picking a company for your car battery, it is very important to consider the type of services they are offering. Some companies have custom packages that offer exemplary services at a premium cost. These packages constitute a number of services and sometimes money back guarantees if you are dissatisfied with the service or if your battery becomes defective right after being serviced. Other services include computer diagnosis where the battery is fast diagnosed through a computer system. The results show what type of problem the battery has. Battery replacement can be done if your car battery cannot be fixed at all or if it burned out. They also do troubleshooting and necessary repairs to your battery. This shows that the services offered are very important when looking for car battery services that you require.



  • Expert Advice

Ensure that the company offers you well-trained personnel to deal with your car battery. This is very important because you will be sure that your battery will be in good hands. A person trained in the field will know the right diagnostic to run, deduce the problem and know the best way to fix the problem. Experience can be an added qualification since the person has been in the business hence he knows what to do more than the newbies. Look for a company with trained, certified and licensed workers, like Advanced Auto Parts, where you are assured of great service.

  • Price

Different companies charge their services differently. Some companies offer good services at a low price while others charge high prices due to the quality if their service and also the type of people they have hired. A company with highly trained workers, latest technology, and high-end features is most probably going to be costly. If the company is offering affordable customer packages, then that would be a preferable option for you as a customer.

  • Reviews

Although reviews are not the best way to compare services, it is sometimes very resourceful. Online reviews can shed a bit of light on the services a company is offering. Company websites can also be very helpful in finding reputable car battery services. If you are I Singapore, asking the locals who have knowledge about the service can also be beneficial.

  • Location

This may not be a major issue when it comes to services but it would be better to seek services from a company close by. Its close proximity to you can serve as an advantage.