5 reasons to drive a Range Rover Evoque

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Ever since it made its way on to the driving scene back in 2011, the Evoque has been turning heads. Here we look at the top five reasons to drive one.

  1. It looks like a Range Rover

The Evoque may be somewhat smaller than a standard Range Rover model, but it stills looks like one. In the front, the Evoque has the same menacing, beefy appearance of the traditional Range Rover, and is a true embodiment of the Range Rover style and name. The unmistakable Range Rover Badge has also been added, glinting desirably from the bonnet. With regards to its practicality, the Evoque is designed like a Range Rover, too, carrying the same off-road standards.

  1. The Evoque is cheaper than a full-size Range Rover

Unlike other cars in the Small SUV category, the Range Rover has a welcome tendency to avoid the dreaded depreciation trap and hold on to its core value. Cars that hold their value are a tantalising option for most drivers, regardless of whether they are looking to buy or hire. A good re-sale value makes it easier for car owners to sell their vehicles on for a decent price, and a steady value brings down monthly hire repayments. The most cost-effective method of purchasing an Evoque is undoubtedly through Contract Hire; Contract Hire gives drivers the flexibility to drive cars that would typically be out of their price range (and with the average Evoque costing upwards of £30,000 in price, that’s nothing to be sniffed at).  Leasing is also a great option through companies such as Vantage Leasing who specialise in Range Rover leases.

  1. Safety first

One of the main reasons Small SUVs have gained so much popularity in recent years is their ‘family time’ appeal. They are all of a good size, offer a large boot space, come equipped with ISO-fix safety points, and have plenty of space in the back for kids. Their family style nature also means they have to appeal to the highest safety standards, and the Evoque does just that. The car has been awarded a five-star rating from Euro NCAP, is fitted with seven airbags, and has automatic emergency braking technology to boot.

  1. The Evoque is classically stylish and has plenty of gadgets

Although the Evoque is popular amongst families, its stylish and classy enough to evade the dowdy ‘grandad car’ tag and has plenty of luxury extras. As with most Range Rover models, all Evoques come equipped with heated leather seats, an 8.0 inch touchscreen system, and dual-zone climate control. The material used in the Evoque’s interior all are of premium quality, and the metals used are top-class, too. From a driving perspective, the Range Rover ticks all boxes to, being easy to drive and sharper and nippier than full-size Range Rover models.

  1. The Evoque is the fastest selling model Range Rover has released

This pretty much says everything on the tin. The Evoque is a highly sought after model, and even second-hand cars fetch upwards of £20,000 thanks to the car’s tight grip on its core value. The Evoque packs everything: a family orientated small SUV with a modern, fashishionable, top-of-the range interior, and an aggressive, combative, true-to-form Range Rover exterior.