5 Hot Aftermarket Upgrades for Your Truck in 2017


Some people just refuse to let their cars go boring weeks and months after rolling it off the store. Truck upgrades of different variety thrive from this perspective and on its own created a market patronized by many truck lovers around the globe. For first-time truck owners, upgrades of every kind and type can be overwhelming, but one doesn’t need to break the bank to forge in some personality into their rides. With many truck upgrades available, you need to discriminate the hype from the must-haves and start from there.

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Here are some of the top truck upgrades in 2017 that you may want to put into your loved trucks:

  1.    Suspension Lift Kits

Aftermarket suspension lift kits are important when you go off road. It provides considerable ground clearance that protects your undercarriage. Suspension lift kits make your trucks bolder as you can go to higher off road places and have real adventures you can’t get when your bottom is too low. Find the best aftermarket suspension kits that fit your truck and enjoy a ride of a lifetime.

  1.    Larger Aftermath Wheels

Go big with larger aftermath wheels and improve your truck’s performance extensively. Bigger wheels allow more off road freedom and let you move with the big boys. Make sure you choose tires on the basis of performance and durability in proportion to their size. You can go as big as you want, but make sure it perfectly fits your ride. Large wheels of different varieties are easily available on the market.

  1.    Big Brake Kit

Once you get your larger aftermath wheels, it is time for big brakes. Big brake kits are eye candies for many, but on top of their aesthetic appeals, having bigger stopping power is an important factor for any driver. It adds to safety and peace of mind while you drive your trucks to different places and experience variety of adventures.

  1.    Cold Air Intake Kit

Engines at full throttle may sound scary, but a cold air intake kit can make it sound so smoothly you will love putting it on top performance every time. Cold Air Intake Kit is perfect when placed in conjunction with other car intake and fuel system upgrades, plus it looks amazing on big trucks. More importantly, cold air intake provides a notable boost in the performance of your trucks.

  1.    Carbon Body Parts

Lesser weight means faster rides. Carbon body parts are not only fanciful to look at, it also tremendously helps in your truck’s performance due to the reduction in overall weight.  Other carbon body parts like customized carbon fiber hoods with ventilation designs help improve the overall efficiency of your truck’s cooling system.

More upgrades can be found in today’s market and each one offers an advantage as you customize your aftermarket truck. Make sure you have enough in your budget for each upgrade and don’t settle for half decent alternatives to top performing makes and models.