5 Common Car Accidents That Are Potentially Dangerous

Car accidents occur on a regular basis all over the world. Drivers like yourself get into accidents while they are sitting in traffic, when parked on the side of the road and even when driving through parking lots. Depending on the severity of auto accidents, they can be dangerous for drivers and passengers at any of these locations. As a driver, you want to avoid collisions in general. However, you need to take extra precautionary measures to avoid the most fatal ones. Read on to learn about the most common car accidents that can be dangerous.

Collisions At Intersections

Firstly, collisions at intersections are both common and dangerous. They typically occur when drivers try to drive faster than the traffic lights change. Instead of slowing down when the light turns yellow, rushing drivers speed up in hopes of making it through the light before the perpendicular light turns green. This happens at stop signs located at intersections at well. Typically, it is a more dangerous occurrence if the intersection does not have a 4-way stop. Either way, side impact collisions can lead to fatal injuries for both drivers and passengers. When older cars that do not have side airbags get T-boned, the occupants’ chances of getting hurt badly rise. Take your time at intersections to avoid getting into this dangerous car accident. 

Multi-Vehicle Collisions

Multi-vehicle collisions are also common auto accidents. As the name suggests, this type of accident involves multiple cars. Drivers usually get hit at many angles when involved in this type of accident. For this reason, they are highly dangerous for everyone involved. To avoid a multi-vehicle collision, pay attention to speed limit signs and refrain from driving over the limit. Furthermore, keep your distance from the cars around you, especially on multi-lane highways. If you follow these defensive driving tips, you can prevent multi-vehicle accidents. 


Additionally, hit-and-runs are common auto accidents. These commonly involve fatal injuries, which is a main cause of drivers leaving the scene of the accident. According to Matthew Hand of HandLaw, “Leaving the scene of a parking lot fender bender is a serious charge, but it is not always the moral failure that prosecutors make it out to be. The fact is, people respond differently to stress and panic.” Learn more here: https://handlaw.com/co/denver-hit-and-run-lawyer/ Drivers at fault get scared when they realize how badly they could have injured someone. Their conclusion is to run away. At-fault drivers also leave the scene when they fear that they could get in trouble for other reasons. If they were driving under the influence, for example, the authorities have the right to arrest them. Drivers who have a history of drunk driving could lose their license for years. This notion urges them to continue driving despite the fact that they hit another vehicle and could have harmed the people in it. Stay away from drivers that seem to be intoxicated on the road. In doing so, you take a step toward avoiding a hit-and-run accident. 

Rear-End Collisions

Another popular car accident is the rear-end collision. While these collisions often occur at stop signs when cars are moving slowly, they can occur at high speeds. When cars do collide at higher speeds, danger levels rise. Often times, this type of auto accident occurs on highways. If a car rear-ends another car at high speeds and during a high-traffic hour, they can end up causing a multi-vehicle collision, which is even more dangerous than a rear-end collision. You can prevent rear-ending the car in front of you by keeping a safe traveling distance. Then, you have enough room to slam on your breaks if they do. Stay far enough back even when drivers drop their speeds to below the speed limit. Deal with the frustration so that you do not have to deal with a trip to the emergency room. 

Lane-Changing Accidents

Lastly, lane-changing accidents take place frequently. Once again, drunk drivers are usually the culprits. After all, their lack of clear vision causes them to stray into other lanes. The same goes for drivers who use their smartphones while behind the wheel. Distracted driving while on a multi-lane highway often leads to the same unfortunate outcome: a lane-changing accident. On top of these possibilities, some drivers simply do not check their blind spots before switching lanes. They cause accidents as a result. Only drive when sober, put your phone down when behind the wheel and always check your blind spots before switching lanes to avoid this common type of auto accident.

Drivers need to take action to avoid the most common types of car accidents. They include collisions at intersections, which are often referred to as “T-bone” collisions. Multi-vehicle car accidents take place frequently, but can be avoided by following the rules of the road. Similarly, hit-and-runs would not occur if drivers did not break the law. Rear-end collisions can potentially lead to multi-vehicle car accidents, which are usually more dangerous. Finally, avoid causing a lane-changing accident by checking your blind spots prior to switching lanes, not drinking and driving and not using your phone when behind the wheel. Keep these common, dangerous types of car accidents in mind and do your best to remain safe on the road. 

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