4 Tips for the Perfect Wedding


Make no mistake: weddings can be extremely stressful to organize. There’s simply so much to do that mistakes can be easily made, everything from finding the right dress to ensuring that your estranged family member doesn’t drink the bar dry needs to be planned, prepared for, and then executed perfectly. From the engagement announcement to the big day itself, there’s a lot to get done, and the more that you prepare and put the work in, the more likely that your wedding day will be that perfect day that you always dreamed of. Here are the tips you need to know to ensure that your wedding day goes amazingly.

Have a Budget

Your first step is to know how much money you have to play with. Talk to your parents about whether they will be contributing and check your savings. If money is much tighter than you’d prefer, it’s worth looking at taking out a loan to cover the wedding expenses. Make sure that you look at safe options from Fast Money for title loan options, which lets you use your car title as security while still letting you use your car. Be realistic about money, or you’re going to run into some very real challenges in the lead up to the wedding.


Start Planning

Your next step is to set the date and to start creating a guest list. The time of year that you want to get married can seriously affect your options. Summer bookings can be notoriously competitive, and so you may need to be a lot more flexible over dates if you want to get married in the warmer months. Once your date is set, let everyone on your guest list know so that they can avoid scheduling conflicts. Remember, you don’t have to invite every person you’ve ever met. Be realistic about what you can afford when it comes to your guest list.

The Nitty Gritty

Once the big jobs are out of the way, it’s time to start having real fun. You get to try on dresses, choose color schemes, and plan decorations. Pinterest boards can be very valuable for getting wedding day ideas. It’s important that you remember to de-stress now and then, though. If you’re working too hard on planning your wedding, there’s a good chance that you’ll burn out, and that’s not going to be fun for anybody. Remember to stop every now and again and reflect on the wonder of marriage!

The Food Factor

Of course, one of the big challenges and expenses is making sure that everyone has a food option that they’re going to enjoy. This will depend on what kind of reception you have in mind. Many weddings now have a more informal reception with buffets, but the sit-down dinner will never go out of fashion. Think about your favorite vendors and start getting quotes from the caterers that you’d prefer to use. Get this done and booked as early into the planning as possible so that you avoid overbooking issues.

Your wedding day is going to be amazing, even if the occasional aspect goes slightly askew. Remember to enjoy the big day itself and not to let the demands of getting married stress you out.

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