4 simple tips for a first time driver

Itching to get out on the road? Maybe your friends have already passed their tests and you feel like you’re missing out? Perhaps you’re desperate for your own taste of independence or maybe you’re just sick of waiting for the bus in the rain. Whatever has motivated you into taking your first lessons on the road – congratulations! This is a momentous moment in any young persons life, and with any luck you’ll pass your test with flying colours!

But before we hand you over a set of keys and celebrate by heading to the drive-through for the very first time, there are a few simple facts and tips that might come in handy for any first time driver, who’s hoping to start their driving journey on the right foot. From car accident lawyers, to driving instructors, transmission and everything else – there’s a lot to think about before you get behind the wheel.

Read on for 4 simple tips for a first time driver.

Give yourself a head start

There’s a lot more to learning to drive than just sitting behind a wheel and being told what to do. With a theory test to think about and a huge number of road signs, facts, stopping distances and road hazards to make yourself aware of, there’s plenty to start learning about before you get behind the wheel. You can begin revising for your theory test straight away.

In addition, if you know someone who has a car then ask if you can sit with them as they drive around. Let them talk you through the decisions they’re making and how they’re keeping control of the vehicle. It will be a valuable insight into what will be expected of you.

Consider your transmission options

Manual or automatic? Whilst many people simply opt for manual, if you’re worried about your initial confidence on the road the why not consider automatic? Bear in mind that if you pass in an automatic vehicle then you won’t be able to drive a manual and you would need to pass a separate test.

Look for an instructor

Remember, the instructor that all your friends passed with might not be the right choice for you and your way of learning. Everyone is different, and you’ll need to think about the criteria you’re going to look for in your instructor. Are they patient? What’s their pass rate like? Are they a nice, understanding person? How long have they been teaching students to drive? Should you opt for a driving school or an independent instructor? Would you prefer a male or female teacher?

Your instructor knows best

When you choose an instructor, you need to remember that everything they’re teaching you is to help you to reach a Testing Standard. Many drivers pick up bad habits after years of independent driving, so just because your dad doesn’t always signal when he’s turning it doesn’t mean you should follow his example. Follow the advice and teachings set by your instructor and you’ll pass in no time!

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