4 Signs You Seriously Need a Car Mechanic


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There are car troubles, like having a dead battery or dysfunctional headlight, which does not necessarily need a mechanic to repair. With your own tools and knowledge how to do it, you can easily fix those kinds of problems. However, there are also times that it’s better to consult a professional than risk the health of your car.

Mostly, when you find your car under serious problem, you need to consult a mechanic and make use of your insurance, like Comparaencasa.  While there are those who prefer and can do the job themselves, some situations just ask for the prior solution; it’s less hassle and less time consuming.

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Here are some signs that you will tell you that definitely need a car mechanic:

  1. You are in the middle of the road, and you see “Check Engine” lamp light up.

So you’re driving on your way somewhere when your “Check Engine” light starts blinking. Now, this could only mean that you have not screwed the gas cap tightly enough. However, this could also mean that your engine is totally dead, and you might be stuck on that road for a long time. To check what the trouble is, you can use a diagnostic too, which is just about $100. But what if you haven’t had it with you? It’s easier to call a service station than take the trouble of looking at the engine and guessing what the problem is.

  1. Your engine is in serious need of rebuilding.

When the car is under poor maintenance, has reached its mileage limit, experiences lubrication problems, or experiences overheating, the possibility is that your engine will suffer serious damage. However, when your engine dies, it does necessarily mean it’s the end of your car. You can replace it with a good engine; remanufactured to the standards of expert machinists. Experts will have to use high-tech equipment and components, which will cost you a lot. Rather than spending money buying the equipment you’ll only use once in a while and using your time in rebuilding an engine, it’s better to call your mechanic and let him arrange everything for you.

  1. You hear a noise when braking.

A noisy break can be because your brake pads are already worn out and loose, or there might be brake dust inside the drum. What you should first do is to check the brake pads and make sure they’re not grinding against your rotors. If the brake pads are the problem, you can easily replace them. However, if there are no sign of trouble with them, then you might have brake dust, which is dangerous when you inhale it. Cleaning them is long as there needs to have several coatings and finishes. Also, you’ll need to buy the right wheel cleaner because the wrong one could do more damage to your wheels than the brake dust. It’s much better if you leave the job to professionals.

  1. Your car air conditioner is no longer working.

If you notice your air conditioner is only blowing room-temperature air and not cold air after you switched it on, then most likely, there’s no more refrigerant in the system. Lack of refrigerant may be caused by a leak. In which case, the source of the leak needs to be fixed first before finally refilling the refrigerant. While refilling is easy if you have the necessary gauges, looking and fixing the leak might not be. In which case, it’s better to call help from an expert mechanic.