3 Ways to get better fuel efficiency for your fleet

Fuel price is a big issue if you are running an automobile business. Whether it involves trucking services or taxi fleets all business owners have the same problem with fuel costs. In recent studies, it showed that fuel makes up 19% of a vehicle’s total cost of ownership. In today’s global activities, fuel has become a centerpiece of many geopolitical conflicts which makes its price very unpredictable. Having these problems in hand, it will be better for your business to put measures in order to save fuel and be efficient with it as well. You can always control the fuel efficiency of your fleet by using small procedures which in effect can add up to big savings. Here are some steps that will help you achieve maximum fuel efficiency.

Install Speed Limiters in your cars

Having speed limiters installed in your fleet is one great way to control your fuel consumption. Not only does it control the top speed of the car but it can also prevent accidents because of over speeding. By cutting the speed the drivers are encouraged to maintain a consistent speed which will make them save fuel from over speeding. Most vehicles lose their fuel efficiency when they reach the speed of 60kph so when you have speed limiters in your car, even reaching that speed, they will still have low fuel consumption.

less fuel

Be aware of Maintenance Schedule

Proper maintenance can also increase the fuel efficiency of a vehicle. For example, under-inflated tires can cause a 10% increase in fuel consumption. So always check the tires regularly or before going on a long distance drive. An unbalanced tire will increase the fuel consumption because the engine will try to compensate the weight distribution on the tires. Also, the wheel alignment must also be checked because unaligned wheels will keep fighting each other which will also waste fuel. The air filters must also be cleaned so that the engine will have clean air to inhale and will burn the fuel smoothly. The vehicles should not be delayed in the change oil maintenance to avoid giving the engine sludge which will make the engine burn twice the fuel it needed when it has a clean oil. Remember that when you are keeping your vehicle healthy, it will perform better in fuel efficiency and it will last longer.

Have a fuel management system

Fuel management system is the future when it comes to fuel efficiency. If you have a fleet of vehicles, it makes sense to buy fuel in bulk in order to have a discount on the fuel, instead of always going to gas stations with fluctuating fuel prices. And with that much fuel needed, it would be best to have a fuel management system for fleet to have an efficient distribution of fuel to your fleet.  With this system, you will always know how much fuel you have and where it is being used. It will also give you accurate information and valuable data to assess and refine your operations and will also eliminate the cost of human error. Having a fuel management system will finally give you total control over the fuel consumption of your fleet.