3 Tips for Tuning Up Your Subaru

Buying your first car is not only a great feeling; it also comes with a lot of responsibility.  Besides making sure that it stays filled with gas and checking the oil, cars and trucks require a certain amount of maintenance in order to bring you long term driving satisfaction.  Some car owners take regular maintenance to the next level and make sure things are tuned up to the best the car can provide.  Subaru owners all over the world tune up their cars and here we are going to talk about the best ways that you can do that.

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Simple Tune Ups Include the Intake

If you wish to get the most that you can from the engine and how much power it provides, the first thing you want to think about upgrading is the intake.  Taking a look at the air filter and the intake pipe will provide you the best power boost for the money.  With some Subaru models, owners saw an increase of more than 17-hp and additional torque measured at 21-pound feet.  That is a significant increase for one upgrade.  Remember, if you are not comfortable tuning up your own car, find a Subaru technician in your area that can help.

Upgraded Exhaust Can Provide Power

Most of the people that want to get more power from the car they purchased are tuning up the engine compartment.  That will bring you power for sure, but there are other ways to get a little boost.  Another way you can gain power is by upgrading your exhaust.  It might not seem like it makes sense, but if you can get the exhaust away from the engine more efficiently, the power just comes right along with it.  With a few bolts and clamps, you will be adding a little more torque and in many cases, your car will sound a cooler than it did before.

Electronics Can Be Tuned as Well

With most cars that come from the lot today, there are computer systems involved.  Many of them can be upgraded with a single computer chip.  These computer chips can help to program the engine to get a little more power from them.  Each car is going to respond differently to a computer upgrade, just like each computer chip will provide different upgrades.  With the right amount of money, you can get an additional 57-250 horsepower from your engine.  That is a significant boost, but is likely to be the more expensive upgrade you can have done.

At the end of the day, the car that you bought is not as powerful as the one that you can make it.  With a few upgrades under the hood, under the car and even inside the computer, you can get the additional boost that you are hoping for.  Doing these upgrades is a challenge so it is always recommended that you find a technician that can get the job done right the first time.

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