3 Things Only a Few People Know About Owning a Used Benz


When looking to buy a car, most people think that buying a new car is the best thing to do. This is because used cars are usually associated with multiple problems and can also be seen as low class. However, buying a used Mercedes Benz is a completely different experience. Here are three things few people know about owning a used Mercedes Benz

1. Buying One is Cheaper Than You Would Imagine

When a Mercedes Benz vehicle is first released to the market, its sale value is usually in the tens of thousands of pounds. Therefore, many people assume that purchasing a used one will be equally costly. However, because Mercedes Benz releases a new version of their luxury vehicles every year and only a select number of people in the society can afford to buy them, depreciation sets in pretty fast, making their resale value drop very quickly. For instance, a 2009 Mercedes S500 would have cost close to GBP85,000 when it was brand new. However, you could probably buy that vehicle at a Mercedes approved used car dealership for less than GBP15,000. In comparison, a brand new 2019 Honda CRV will cost around GBP25,000. Would you instead drive a ten-year-old Mercedes or a brand new Honda? You make that decision.

2. They Are Easy to Repair and Maintain

Of all the vehicle makers worldwide, none has as many patents on its vehicle tech as Mercedes does. However, even with the hundreds of patents, their cars are not at all as complex in design as Asian vehicles. Simple clips and screws keep the interior held in place, while there are clear demarcations on the outside for tools to be used to remove bolts from exterior panels. The basic Mercedes Benz engine is a simple large box with parts that can be removed and replaced without tools. If you were so inclined, you could repair and maintain your car by yourself, and not have to pay extra to take it into a garage. Of course, when there are more critical repairs to be done, you can make way to a Sandown Group garage where they will put it back in shape.

3. Used or Not, You Still Get Quality Mercedes

Some people may sneer at the idea of buying a used Mercedes Benz instead of buying an entirely brand new car like a Toyota or a Volvo. They might claim that the tech in the new car might be better. However, as people who have bought used Benzes can attest, the vehicles still bring with them the premium vehicle tech that Mercedes is known for. A Mercedes 2009 S500 still has Distronic Plus, a COMAND screen-based interface, Active Body Control (ABC) suspension, and a fully functional Night View system. Mercedes patented many of these technologies that are still exclusive to them.

Buying a new car is almost always a good option, other than when you have the opportunity to buy a used Mercedes Benz. Their resale price is still very affordable, and the value gotten in return is immeasurable.

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