3 small Jeep models that provide a lot of features for the money

There is no doubt that when it comes to cars, small Jeep models are becoming the trend today. First of all, these crossovers are a perfect solution to the increasing traffic and tighter road space due to the massive periodic increase of cars worldwide. It allows the driver to simply maneuver from tight spaces even during heavy traffic, saving time and effort. With the increasing road accidents and road rage incidents, these small crossovers proved to be the safer and better choice in avoiding those unwanted situations. Additionally, the majority of these small Jeep crossovers are designed to keep up with the alarming increase in pollution caused by cars. They are environmentally friendly and fuel efficient. And among all these benefits, the best one is the comfort and unique styling it provides.

While the market is filled with lots of different models of these small SUVs, we have put together a list of the top 3 small Jeep models that will surely be worth your money;

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  1. Kia Soul

First on the list is the fun and practical Kia Soul. The multi-awarded SUV has truly earned its spot with its versatility and practical features. You can choose between a 130 horsepower 1.6 four-cylinder six-speed manual or automatic or a 161 horsepower 2.0 liter with automatic transmission. There is also a limited edition 201 horsepower 1.6 liters turbocharged that comes with a seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission. Price range starts from $ 16, 000 –  $ 25, 000, that features a panoramic sunroof and other additional add-ons.

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  1. Skoda Yeti

Second on the list is the ever reliable and popular Skoda Yeti. While it has already been set to have a complete 7-seater revamp, the Yeti still remains in our top small Jeep models because of its engine’s fast response time and the versatile handling it provides. Also, the interior is so luxurious and classy that it makes us wonder why it isn’t a luxury car. If you are also interested in the Skoda Yeti, then we strongly recommend that you choose the gasoline front-drive model as it is surprisingly more fuel-efficient and fun to drive than the 4×4 diesel model.  Price starts from 21,000 dollars up to 30,000 dollars.

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  1. Jeep Renegade

Jeep Renegade for us is the masterpiece of the company’s crossover SUVs. In the past, Jeep may have failed to deliver a comfortable riding experience with their other models but with the Renegade, things have definitely turned around. The smooth driving experience coupled with extra comfortable front seats will definitely make the driver feel like riding in a luxury car. The Jeep Renegade comes with two types of engine; standard for the Sport and Latitude models is a 1.4 liter, 4 cylinders 160 horse powered engine. And the standard for the Limited and Trailhawk models is a 2.4 liter, 4 cylinders, 180 horse powered engine.

In the end, with different models coming out of the showroom every now and then, one can definitely find it hard in choosing the right small jeep model for them. However, if you ever find yourself in the same situation, then you can always go with any of the 3 models above. Rest assured that with their features and driving platforms, your hard earned money will be well spent.