3 Dumb Driver Mistakes Sure to Lead to an Accident



Image Credit: Pexels

You would have thought that given people have to pass a test to drive, they would know not to do stupid things while they are behind the wheel. And yet, considering the number of avoidable accidents that occur each year, this is evidently not true at all.

Everyone has done something stupid behind the wheel once or twice and thought better of it later. Whether you have tried to transport a boisterous pet who just wants to sit on your lap or you have been rummaging around in your bag searching for sunglasses, you know you’ve done something you shouldn’t. Driving safety is paramount on the road, so while you should have learned from these mistakes, here are 3 dumb driver mistakes you should never make.

Drinking and Driving

This is by far the dumbest driver mistake you can make. In 2016, there were 10,497 deaths from alcohol-impaired-driving crashes, an utterly ridiculous number of people considering how easy this one is to avoid.

Many people end up with a DUI because they thought that the one or two drinks they had were fine and that they would be under the limit. While you might feel caught out, the law is the law and you need to be much more aware of what you are drinking and how it will affect you. If you are daft enough to have a drink, drive and get pulled over, though, speak to Annapolis DUI lawyers to try to minimise the impact it will have.

Basically, the rules here are easy: don’t drink before you drive, always nominate a sober person to drive or get a taxi.

Attempting to Multitask

Covering a wide range of sins from attempting to apply makeup to stripping off your sweater while at the wheel, multitasking is never a good idea. The thing is that multitasking is really a myth. You can’t actually do two things at once, your brain just switches between the two as it sees fit. This means that rather than concentrating on the road as you think you are, you are actually just focusing on the distraction.

All driving distractions are dangerous and the best solution is also the most obvious one: pull over. You might think that you are saving time by applying blusher as you drive or eating your breakfast on the go, but are the few minutes you save really worth potential disaster? Just set off earlier and save the bother.

Failing to Use the Mirrors

Mirror, signal, maneuvre is the mantra that should be going around your head ever 5 seconds as you drive and yet so many people forget to check their mirrors. The mirrors are there for an excellent reason: so that you can see what is behind you and make a judgement about what you are going to do next. If you fail to check your mirrors and start reversing, you are highly likely to hit something.

Again, this is a simple one to solve: check your mirrors and your blind spot before you do anything. A little self-awareness goes a long way.