3 Best Selling Car Brands


Cars are not only automobiles for transportation but they are the pride and passion of the owner. So, when it comes to buying a new car it is quite usual for the buyers to be a bit apprehensive about making a choice. Starting from doing extensive research on all the latest car brands and models to opting for test drive for more than one car, the car buyers are always ready to put the extra effort to pick the best model.


This article will tell the readers about the top 3 Car Brands on which the buyers seem to have placed their maximum trust and have made them the best sellers. The article offers brief information on the top 3 bestselling car brands

  1. Toyota

This Japanese automotive brand stand as the 12th largest company in the world according to the revenue earned. It was also the largest automobile manufacturer as of 2012 and the bestselling car brand in 2014. Toyota has an extensive production line that includes electrical vehicles as well as the fossil fuel driven ones.


Officially, in 2009, the brand had over 70 different models registered under its name. The range of Toyota crossovers includes Matrix, RAV4, Venza and Highlander. Whereas the SUV range is populated with models like 4Runner, Land Cruiser, Prado, Fortuner and more. The luxury sedans sold by the brand include Century, Toyota Crown Majesta and others. A loyal customer base, extensive range of product along with best service work is the key for this brand.

  1. Volkswagen

This German automobile brand has been in the industry right from 1937 and has its name as one of the manufacturer of the best cars of the world. When it comes to the top 10 bestselling cars of all times, there are 3 entries from Volkswagen alone; the Golf, the Beetle and the Passat; and all the three still makes a big chunk of the production line of the brand.


Apart from hatchbacks, sedans and coupes that are driven by fossil fuel the brand also manufactures flexible fuel vehicles, electrical vehicles as well as hybrid vehicles. Some of the current car models from the brand include, Up!, Fox, Jetta, Beetle, Golf, Passat, CC, Golf+, Polo GTI, Golf R, Touareg and many more.

  1. Ford

Ford is the second largest automobile manufacturer in the US and according to the reports of 2014 it is the third highest car seller in the world. Ford was established in 1903 and is considered as one of the best Car Brands of the world. The company has an extended product line including all types of cars.


Some of the famous car models from the brand include, Ford, Lincoln, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Volvo, Mazda and Troller. The company is keenly into manufacturing of high tech sports cars and it also produces a bunch of cars that use unconventional source of energy to save the environment.

By the month of November 2014, Toyota had sold 6.19 million of cars in the year, grabbing 9.6% of the total global sales. Volkswagen ended at the second position in the year selling 4.98 million units making it 7.7% of the market share. In the same year, Ford sold 4.36 million cars and made it to 6.8% of the total global sells.