220 bhp Autodelta GT JTS Super


Autodelta is proud to introduce its latest bespoke model, the 220 bhp Autodelta GT JTS Super, the first forced-induction version of the JTS-engined Alfa Romeo GT to arrive on the market worldwide.


The Autodelta GT JTS Super was officially unveiled last week by Autodelta’s authorised Greek dealer, Auto Corse, at their national central operations HQ in Athens.
The Autodelta GT JTS Super has become the first supercharged production version of Alfa Romeo’s highly-rated JTS (Jet Thrust Stoichiometric) direct injection petrol engine in the GT Coupé, and in fact Autodelta are the only firm worldwide to offer supercharging technology on the Alfa Romeo JTS engine.
Power output of this engine has been raised by Autodelta to 220 bhp at 6,600 rpm while the peak torque delivered is boosted to 192 lb/ft at 3,400 rpm.

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