2021 Chevy Corvette interior driveway test | Selling that supercar feeling

The Chevy Corvette C8 is just a great machine. It’s a rocket with its rippling V8 of almost 500 hp. The chassis is nicely balanced and communicative. Its mid-engine wouldn’t look out of place next to a Ferrari or Lamborghini. And of course, everything is available for well under $ 100,000. Part of the excellence of the new Corvette, sometimes overshadowed by all of this, is the interior, which is not only functional but also helps sell the supercar vibe of the car and make it feel very special be.

Note that this example is a mid-range Corvette 2LT before diving into the full experience. The fairing itself doesn’t change much about the cockpit, other than heating and ventilating the seats, a Bose sound system, and a heated steering wheel. While this car was optional up to $ 82,250, most of it was in performance upgrades. The only optional interior items were the GT2 Competition Sport Bucket seats, the imitation suede steering wheel and the red seat belts, both of which are available on the 1LT base. As such, this is a fairly representative example of a Corvette interior. When that’s out of the way, we’ll step in.

When you sit down, you immediately notice how different the view is compared to an earlier Corvette. The nose is short and deep, giving you a wide-screen perspective of the road. When you look back, you’re looking directly into the engine bay, and while you can’t see the engine due to its small size and low position, it’s exciting to look back and know what’s lurking inside. The heat waves rise on cold days. It has one trait in common with traditional supercars, but it’s not so good: poor rearward visibility. The rear sail panels make changing lanes jarring. Fortunately, blind spot monitoring is standard.

2021 Chevy Corvette2021 Chevy Corvette

Once you’ve stopped wondering at the novel view, you’ll notice the rest of the interior, arguably the best to decorate America’s signature sports car. Panel gs are super tight, edges are crisp, but most of all, it’s a unique and stylish design. With the infotainment screen and the cascade of buttons all tilted in that direction, it’s all about the driver. Add in their relatively high position and it makes everything easy to see and get to; At least for the driver. The passenger can only access his ventilation controls.

Contrast stitching in the panels adds a bit of detail and style, and the real aluminum trim on the doors feels great. It’s a bit disappointing to discover that the sewn panels are actually all plastic and are not packed in leather or faux leather, but they look and feel good enough. It’s not difficult to forgive. And if it bothers you enough, there are high quality interior trim options that cushion parts of the dashboard.

Plus, you probably won’t be caressing the interior trim a lot since you have the controls and mostly the steering wheel in your hand. This is the most eye-catching piece of the interior due to its square them. It looks strange, but it’s been potted so your hands fall into the 9 and 3 o’clock positions almost like a flying yoke. You feel like you’re in the seat of a fighter jet. Contrary to the controversial new “wheel” design from one particular EV manufacturer, the top and bottom mean it’s still reasonably useful for hand-over-hand turns around town.

Granted that Autoblog The opinions of the employees are divided on this wheel. Some don’t like it when the spokes are lower than 9 and 3 o’clock, while the flat top and bottom don’t allow for much change in hand position, be it for random steering or for a more relaxed grip. Others found that despite some nice, confident action, the shift paddles were positioned a little low to work comfortably.

Having properly taken note of your objections, I will return to my praise for the cause by noting the cool, handy button with a “Z” on it. Named after Corvette shepherd Zora Arkus Duntov, this button activates Z mode, a user-customizable driving mode without having to use the slightly stiff driving mode selector switch.

2021 Chevy Corvette2021 Chevy Corvette2021 Chevy Corvette

Behind the steering wheel there is an instrument panel that is pleasantly sharp and bright. It also features clear and simple graphics that aren’t too flashy. In tour mode they are mostly grayscale, and in sport mode the background turns red. In Track mode everything is rearranged and the tachometer becomes a no-frills black, yellow and red rectangle for the RPM. Other relevant information is placed in simple gray boxes. They are simple but elegant and, most importantly, easy to read at a glance. The controls on the center console are also quite simple. The drive mode selector mentioned above is a sleek wheel with a leather palm rest, which would be more useful if the dial is easier to turn. However, the other buttons and switches feel great with weighty, positive clicks.

We write things down with the seats. On the Corvette, we had the optional GT2 bucket seats which provide good support and the cushions keep you in place. They look cool too and when you’re on the bigger side you can fit in without getting too pinched. However, the fixed rear headrest is a little annoying when you are tall. The base sits so deep that it tucks you in between your shoulder blades in the top of your back. Hence, you may want to stick with the standard seats. However, if you want seats that hug you even more, Competiton Sport seats are available for you.

All around, the interior of the C8 Corvette absolutely sells the fact that it is a true supercar. It has the look and the position, and it does so without even feeling as cheap as the car actually is. It’s just another way to build an incredible machine.

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