2011 Qatar Motor Show-The Latest Blinged Flashy Car

The 1st Global Edition of Qatar Auto Show showcases the world-class premium cars will introduce Doha this month. Latest brand new models will be featured at the Qatar Auto Show powered by the MV Designz Team.

The MV Designz Team will formulate the latest Blinged Car at the Auto Show at Qatar. The top-notch features of this car will comprise accelerated engine power, custom lift kid which will efficiently adjust the car’s height, customized tyres and wheels, high-end audio system which includes 6 ½ inch speakers along with subwoofers.

Blinging will be introduced live at the exhibition on front of the audience and be kept on the show for 4 days. The major spotlight of this Auto Show is the Qtel’s Virgin Mobile customers will be entering the contest to win the most exceptional Blinged Jeep.
Source: QatarMotorShow