2011 Qatar Motor Show-GK Racing, Ready to Divulge

The latest and GK Racing is set ready for its introduction at the Qatar Auto Show. The GK Racing is powered by 185 hp motor cycle engine, Suzuki GSXR 1000cc. Al-Qahtani is passionate about racing since his childhood days and defines that the GK Racing will feature all the safety measures and performance overall.

GK Racing

The buggies are checked for about 6 months’ time last year, while the maximum temperature pertained up to 55C. They granted a tough, intense, powerful, safe and reliable drive out, explained Mr. Al-Qahtani.

The single seat weighs about 409 kg while it hits the maximum speed of up to 260 km/h while the two seats weighs about 100 kg while it hits the speed of 250 kmh.
Source: QatarMotorShow