2010 Paris Auto Show – Hybrid Cars

Victor Wouk, the godfather of the hybrid, installed a prototype hybrid electric motor into a 1972 Buick skylark to make the first transistor based electric car. Such automotive hybrids became even more widespread in the 90s with Japan becoming the first mass producers of Hybrid cars.

Paris Auto Show Hybrid Cars

Latest developments in automotive technology showcased at the 2009 South Korean Seoul Motor show unveiled even more sensations with The Elantra LPI becoming the world’s first Hybrid car to be powered by an internal combustion engine. And this year 2010 Paris auto show is expected to lift the scale of Hybrid Cars invention even higher.

Elantra LPI

Hybrid Cars are some of the latest innovation in automotive industry bringing a superb ergonomics of using two or more distinct power sources by combining an internal combustion engine and one or more electric motors.

With the recent financial crisis, global recession and downsizing themes being the order of the automotive industry, these Hybrid Cars will be opening a new world order at the 2010 Paris auto show. Global automakers are fast and smartly learning on coming up with new generation of smaller and more fuel efficient cars that will definitely be leading the charge with the raw display of power and advanced technology at this year’s 2010 Paris auto show opening this week.

New sensations will be showing off at the 2010 Paris auto show unveiling the latest super cars, mini-cars and high-end range spectrum cars. These Hybrid Cars are mainly targeted to drivers and motorists in congested streets and tight lanes where speed is relatively low.

Toyota FT-CH hybrid

They come with an advanced plug-in hybrid system bearing a single speed transmission and an electric range that can be plugged into the normal household power outlet once its power start becoming depleted. Alternatively theses Hybrid Cars comes with a range extender that utilizes a small internal combustion engine.

The presence of this power propulsion engine in the Hybrid cars equip them with better performance and fuel economy than other conventional cars. By driving in this range extender mode you will still be able to drive to your destination if you cannot access a power outlet immediately.


Most of the Hybrid Cars on the roads at the moment are gasoline-electric hybrids. Perhaps you are wondering what’s gasoline-electric hybrids. A conventional or normal gasoline car if you like drives relatively more miles before refueling but has poor gas mileage plus it produces a lot of pollution. An electric car on the other hand produces no pollution but will only drive a few miles before it needs recharging. These gasoline-electric hybrids cars provide the compromise between these two by providing a system that leverage on both gas and electrical power.

This year 2010, Paris auto show will be showcasing power and genius to manufacture the best, unbeatable, maneuverable and responsive Hybrid Cars that are innovative and power efficient, while at the same time, fun, stylish and appealing. So if you have been stressing about those sky rocketing fuel prices or latest global warming and green house effect, then 2010 Paris Auto Show will most likely provide you with the latest auto industry technology in Hybrid cars that may wipe out most of your concerns.

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