2010 Paris Auto Show – Exclusive Models

The Paris Auto Show is an annual event that dates back to over one hundred years, thus attracting thousands of participants, sponsors and spectators. The event is a major highlight for auto industry, providing opportunities for most car companies to display some of the modern cars and automobile available in the markets. The event is also a great show of innovation, style and designs for many manufacturers and the fans of cars. It displays a colorful picture of fantasy and beauty.

Paris Auto Show photo
Photo Source: Autospies

This year’s Paris auto show is scheduled for 2nd -17th of October 2010 and is expected to make a big impact due to the fact that many car manufacturers in the world are ready and geared for this event. The organizers and sponsors consider this event as an opportunity for marketing their brand names and products. Therefore, new and exclusive cars models are expected in this years’ event as various manufacturers try to market their new products and innovations.

The exclusive models expected in this year’s event are numerous, just as global car giants grabble for public attentions. These models range from sports to flashy cars just to mention a few. The Audi France has come up with three beautiful cars to appeal to the modern market of professional sports men, women and celebrity figures. The philosophy behind the make of these cars is to reach out to the world of class and fantasy.

France Audi Paris Auto Show
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The Cadillac Europe a subsidiary of American Cadillac Company has come up with three cars with a difference to reach out into the European auto markets. The company sees the Paris motor show as an opportunity to be a dominating name in the world today.

Cadillac Europe

During this year’s show, Cadillac has presented new models of portfolio vehicles which include new names such as CTS Coupe, CTS Sport Wagon and SRX Crossover. It seems that they are targeting the sporting world and celebrity figures.

The Ford France has not been left behind in the manufacturing of new car models. The recent release includes the Focus ST Concept, Fiesta RS WRC, C-Max and Grand C Max, Demonstrator Hybrid and Modeo.

Ford France Paris Auto Show
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These are the latest car class model available in the market that is aimed at reaching the middle class. In addition, the new model of Porsche is also being featured in these events. Their latest addition is the 911 GT2 RS. This is a classic sport car that aims to reach the professional sports men and women, who want to use these types of car to improve their celebrity image in the sporting world.

Furthermore, the Volkswagen has also come up with three latest additions to their fleet in order to assert their authority with the car manufacturing industry. The latest models include the Passat, Toureg and Phaeton. These are also classic cars associated with financial prowess and power. People associated with middle class professionals. By and large, the Paris auto show has introduced new exclusive models for modern outlook and fashion.

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