2010 F1 Race Review

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Formula one is considered as the highest class of single seater racing sanctioned by the FIA. The Formula denotes the sets of rules and regulations where all participants’ cars must follow. Each season for the F1 has a series of races known as the Grand Prix that are held on circuits, closed or pervious roads. The results of the races are combined to determine the participants for the 2 annual World Championships.

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Technological advancements are the hallmark of this racing activity where the most impeccable technologies for engine development, safety as well as design, aerodynamics and tires are combined to create the most potent cars for driving. With Europe at the center of these races, there are other countries where the races are being held including some in Asia and the Far East. This is a massive event with millions of dollars at stake and tons of viewers from across the world betting on their favorite racing teams.

For the 2010 F1 Race results, McLaren, Ferrari and Red Bull are the foremost leading in terms of constructors. Mclaren is the second oldest and one of the most successful racing teams with a total of 166 winning races, 12 Driver’s championships and 8 constructor’s championships. The Ferrari is the oldest team in the Grand Prix and is still making a lot of buzz until now.

It is a very successful team with 15 driver’s championships and 16 constructor’s championships. Red Bull is fairly new to the Grand Prix circuit compared to MacLaren and Ferrari but it certainly is steadily vying its way to the top with its enhanced race engine power. Hopefully they will be able to catch up and make its way into the championship.

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As for Drivers, Jenson Button, Fernando Alfonso and Sebastian Vettel are some of the more notable names today. Button is from team McLaren and has won 2 races for the season with 2 podium finishes. Button may be considered as the reigning champion for Formula 1 but this young driver has till a lot to prove in terms of consistency. It would be a difficult race to remove the first impression that it was just the right car at the right time but hopefully his title signifies that real raw skill is just waiting to be revealed more. Alonso is from team Ferrari with 1 win for this season and with 2 podium finishes.

Starting at 19 years old, this driver quickly got the appeal of many racing enthusiasts and professionals and was quickly set to a cult following. Vettel is for Red Bull and has won 1 race for the season with 2 podium finishes. Starting as a test driver for BMW, Vettel was catapulted into F1 racing and has become one of the youngest. He has his shares of wins and losses where he failed to win the championship against Button in Brazil. With Red Bull at his back, he is hoping for a new chance for 2010 to snag a Championship title.

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