10 Ways Cars Can Help You Get a Date

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If you are seriously looking at the idea that the car is going to get you a date, well, in some ways, you are right and on the other ways this is a misconception. The reason is because if your prospective date knows that you do not pick her up from her doorstep, she is generally not going to be receptive to the idea of going out with you.

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Anyway, if you are looking for 10 ways in which cars can help you get a date whether you are male or female, you are some ideas which you might want to try out.

For all those guys out there who are looking for ways and means in which they can get a date for this Saturday, here is one tip: cool gals love hot wheels!

If you have a really solid sleek looking car, which you manage to work into the conversation saying that you have managed to pay its cost without going in for a car loan, your prospective date is going to be extremely impressed.

So here are some other ways in which cars can help you get a date.

If she is driving hot wheels, go straight to the car and admire the lines. Ask her where she got the car. She is definitely going to start talking about the car and if you cannot manage to get a date, well duh loser!

Have a relative (best choice baby sister!) going to a school or college. Just manage to appear at the college gate in your role of protective elder brother, and ignore all her friends, while concentrating on picking up your sister. One of them is definitely going to tell her elder sister about you. You will have to do the talking then, when approached for a tentative date.

Try online dating sites, where gals are looking for guys with hot wheels. Many of these online dating sites encourage people with hot wheels to send their snaps leaning against their cars in a really casual way, so that any prospective date can just look at the car, look at the make, and then look at you before deciding whether she wants to be seen with you and your car.

You can also get dates at car meets.

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Also try out car exhibitions and the racetrack.

You could also try cruising around on the road to help a damsel in distress whose car has broken down but the chances of your getting a date under such circumstances is rather rare. Who knows? It happens in the trashiest of novels. Become a grease monkey.

Some gals love guys who love tinkering with hot wheels. A friend got away with this idea he stuck a sticker at the back of his car, “I am well scrubbed, well behaved and house-trained, yes I am free this Saturday, contact me at…” and yes he got some dates, with amused PYTs.

Try hanging out with friends, who enjoy hanging out with cars. They are going to have new books with addresses and phone numbers of gals who like your sort of guys!

Summary : Do you want more information on 10 ways cars can help you get a date? The information is given in this article.

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