10 Common Misconceptions about Cars

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It doesn’t matter whether your car is the soaped-up jalopy or whether it is a tumble down wreck; here are 10 misconceptions about cars. Some of them are serious, and some of them are still going the rounds in the humorous sections of websites pertaining to cars. Nevertheless, here are some popular misconceptions about cars which are cleared up including ordinary cars, hybrid cars and electric cars.

1. A car is always going to break down during an emergency: Only in the movies!

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Cars definitely do not break down in an emergency unless of course your particular jalopy is on its last breath and has not been serviced. So it is absolutely necessary that you go in for a servicing of your car as soon as possible.

2. There are no hydrogen powered car ideas in the market: this is a misconception which is doing the rounds and is absolutely not true.

All the companies out there including Toyota, Honda, and Renault etc. are working on plans using hydrogen powered engines in the cars of the future. They are also going through the blueprints, and you should definitely not be surprised that soon one car manufacturing company is going to come up with a hydrogen powered car, before its competitors can say Jack Robinson.

3. Stocks of hydrogen fuel are going to get exhausted very soon: this is not true.

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For all those people who are interested in knowing about hydrogen fuel as the future replacement for gasoline and natural gas products, there is always the fear that hydrogen supplies are also going to peter out like natural gas resources are doing. Hydrogen is manufactured with the help of natural gas. And there are abundant stocks of natural gas available to us. Gasoline is manufactured from natural gas too. In the same manner we are going to get easy access to hydrogen as a fuel in the future.

4. A hybrid car battery does not last very long: if you do not consider an eight-year guarantee to be very long, ah well.

5. Hybrid cars are definitely not a good buy, because they have to be plugged in: wrong!

The battery recharges the car through the spinning of the electric motor. So the more you drive your hybrid car, the faster it gets charged.

6. Electric cars are so slow: wrong!
Thanks to their low end torque, they are definitely very fast.

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7. Electric cars are unsafe: wrong!
You will not have to worry about a shock when they are being charged.

8. Charging electric cars is a hassle: no, it is extremely easy to charge them in electrical sockets of 240 volts.

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9. You can go a long way on empty: Yes!
Up to 2 gallons, thanks to the gas lines, but one would not advise it.

10. You can hotwire your car if you have lost your keys: Again a movie myth!

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The new car design does not allow you to do so. So you definitely cannot hotwire your car, in just a couple of seconds with the clock ticking towards the destruction of the earth and the bad guys after you.

Summary: Are you interested in some popular misconceptions about cars, whether they are of electric, hybrid or ordinary cars? Look at these 10 misconceptions and get your doubts cleared!

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