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Get a driving ban for being over the legal limit is not good news whichever way you look at it, but the important thing to remember is that you have to take action to try and reduce the financial pain and other difficulties you face when being banned.

A drink driving fine is going to hurt your pocket initially and potentially in the future with increased insurance costs, so it often pays to get good advice and to ensure that you get all the information available about your situation, so that you can reduce the impact of your ban as much as possible.

Consider an appeal

It is often a good idea to take some professional legal advice if you receive a driving ban, especially if you feel that there are reasonable grounds for believing that the punishment you have received was too harsh in relation to the circumstances of your offence.

You should be able to launch an immediate appeal if it is considered worthwhile challenging the terms of your punishment, and you should definitely not consider attempting to defy the ban and attempt to drive after your suspension has been handed out.

A much better strategy is to do things properly and file a legal appeal through your legal representation. You have just 21 days from the date of your driving ban to start your appeal, so don’t delay if you want to try and fight back where you can and maybe reduce the terms.

If you need to use your car

It may be obvious to state that you need your car, as you wouldn’t have one in the first place, but there is a possibility that you might be able to have your driving ban suspended while the court works on your appeal.

Again, do not attempt to drive your vehicle until you have had some sort of official confirmation about the suspension of your ban, as this will make matters much worse if you are caught doing so.

Talk to your legal representation about the fact that you might need to use your car for work or an emergency situation, then wait to see if your application for a suspension is approved, before getting behind the wheel.

Good cause for appealing

It is worth stating that you can’t just file an appeal simply because you want to be able to drive your car, as this is not a good enough reason on its own and you are unlikely to get much joy in the courts without having some justification for launching an appeal.

Plausible reasons for filing an appeal would be things like the fact that you do not believe that the punishment is proportionate. An example of the sort of scenario where you may wish to appeal, would be where you pleaded guilty, but still received the maximum punishment available.

If you think that you will suffer exceptional hardship, although there is no specific legal definition as to what this means, or you simply believe that there are any other grounds for reducing your punishment, it is always advisable to use a legal professional to help guide you through the process.

Callum Rhodes is a work-at-home Dad who enjoys writing articles in his spare time. He writes on a range of topics, drawing inspiration from daily life.