Ways to Keep Your Pick Up Truck Looking Great – Whatever You Have to Carry

Pick up trucks are incredibly practical, whether it is for carrying tools and materials around for work or for transporting water sports equipment to the lake or coast. As well as being powerful work horses, a good looking pick up can also be something of a style statement, so if you have a truck you love, you will want to keep it looking its rugged best no matter what you use it for. Equally, if you use your truck or fleet of trucks to represent your business, you will want them to give a good impression to customers and anybody else who sees them by having them looking nice. Here are some tips for keeping a working vehicle like a pick up looking fantastic, whatever you do with it:


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Protect Your Truck From Gravel

Gravel thrown up as you drive can be a big problem if you use your truck off road, for example for agricultural purposes or on construction sites. Gravel can take chips out of the paintwork, leave dents, and otherwise spoil the look of your otherwise pristine, shiny pick up truck. It is generally best to use good quality, robust mud flaps which are well mounted to alleviate this issue, by guarding the vehicle from debris thrown up by the wheels.

Protect Your Grill From Bugs

If you live in a part of the world where bugs tend to commit suicide on the front of your vehicle on a regular basis, then you can make your truck look better by attaching a protective stainless steel screen over the grill. This will reduce the appearance of dead bugs on your truck and make it far easier to clean. You should also make sure your windshield washers are always in good working order and use a windshield cleaning solution so your wipers can glide over the glass and remove any dead bugs that end up there easily.

Protect Your Flat Bed

The flat bed of the pick up truck is where the most dirt and damage can occur, as it is where you place all the things you haul around. Securing larger objects well can prevent bumps and dents from items moving around in transit, but it is also a good idea to add a protective layer inside the flat bed, such as a high quality Raptor bed liner kit you can install yourself. This will help shield the interior of the flat bed not only from scrapes and other problems relating to chunky objects shifting around in there, and will also protect the truck from dirt, rust and moisture. It is best to put in a bed liner as soon as you get the truck, and take it out for cleaning from time to time.

By taking these simple measures, it is easy to ensure your pick up truck will look great even when you make it work very hard for its up keep!

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