Some of us still remember the Volkswagen Corrado which was first launched late ’80s. Volkswagen Corrado was taken out of production in 1996, but designer Patrick Moczarscky believed that it should be reintroduced. If the new Volkswagen Corrado will look as that of Patrick Moczarsky, tends to give justice.

Volkswagen Corrado by Patrick Moczarsky

Patrick Moczarsky drew production version of Volkswagen Corrado and a modified version of the street. However, he left up to our engine choice. We believe that the 2.0 TSI engine developing 200 hp will be enough for Volkswagen Corrado made by Moczarsky.

Volkswagen Corrado by Patrick Moczarsky

Version of Volkswagen Corrado series by Patrick Moczarsky has a rear spoiler that can be removed automatically and stays on light alloy wheels.
Volkswagen Corrado by Patrick Moczarsky follows classic car production lines, but was improved for the current time.

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