McLaren presented the first details and first video with McLaren XP10 and XP8 which shows the company’s future models during the tests. McLaren XP10 and XP8 are two prototypes of future models that are currently tested by Applus IDIADA on public roads near Tarragona.

Video – McLaren XP8 and XP10

The two prototypes, XP10 and XP8 McLaren, is the final phase of model development McLaren MP4-12C.

Unfortunately, McLaren XP10 and XP8 are disguised with black vinyl mat. Some of the details disclosed by the company say that McLaren XP10 and XP8 are equipped with a revised version of M838T twin-turbo engine with a transmission to other reports, a more efficient cooling package, new suspension geometry and an improved electrical architecture.

Watch the video with McLaren XP8 and XP10 and tell me your opinion:

Video – McLaren XP8 and XP10

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