Top 3 Luxury SUVs You Must Own

Those who love gorgeous cars know that owning a luxury SUV at least once or at least for a couple of months is a dream come true. And it’s not like the offer is not rich enough. You have great deals and exemplars wherever you go. You just have to make the right choice!

And if you need a little help in this direction you can check out the following top 3 luxury SUVs and a few details about them. Not to mention that they all have affordable costs so you might even turn your dream into reality.

Top 3 Luxury  SUVs

1. BMW X3

You will recognize this crossover because it is a combination of the X1 station wagon style and X5 midsize beauty. If you want to start the new year with a huge boost on your ego be prepared to check out this lease deal: BMW is giving away the 2015 X3 sDrive28i with payments starting from only $519/month for a period of 36 months.

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If you hurry and sign a lease by the end of the month you get $4,244 down when signing. And if you are interested in an upgrade you can select the X3 xDrive28i or the xDrive28d. The payments are slightly higher ($549/month) but the down payment remains the same.

2Mercedes-Benz GLK

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This version of GLK is an amazing crossover that has a unique design and comes in double options (diesel or gasoline). Gasoline fans will be in love with the offer Mercedes has to give: a 2.99% interest (a maximum period of 72 months) and a lease for a rear-wheel GLK350 for which payments start at $439/months for 36 months. Once again the down lease is incredibly convenient: only $4,633!

3. Infiniti QX60

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This is a car for the family and offers a standard V6 power, 3-row seating and lots of additional equipment that will make each ride extremely comfortable.  Although we have entered in a new year, there are still some offers from the previous year that await for you to check them up. In this case the monthly payments start at $399/month for a period of 39 months. This if you pay the down lease of $4,399 and an interest of 0.9% for 60 months (for the QX60 models from 2014)!

Which one would you choose?