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With easier tracking of fuel consumption and reduction of fraudulent activities, many businesses are now embracing the cashless technology of fuel cards for fleet into their corporate systems. This, however, doesn’t mean you should hastily jump to any fuel card contract. Just like any investment, research is necessary to make an informed decision. Here are key information about fleet fuel cards use.

Analyze your fleet and route
The first step in determining the right fuel card is to assess your fleet’s needs. Fuel card providers offer different programs to suit your needs. If your company use sedan fleets, a simple access to all oil stations can be sufficient. For mixed fleets of cars, vans and trucks, better coverage is obviously needed. If you have a specific requirement, an excellent fuel card provider can give you flexibility.

less fuel

Card acceptance
Although fuel cards are becoming popular, there are gasoline or service stations that still do not accept them. If your company operates outside the city, this can be a huge problem. To avoid your driver being stuck in the middle of nowhere without any gas, ask a fuel card provider a list of gasoline stations that accepts their cards. Make sure to review the list and check it with your fleet’s route.

Customer service assistance
When selecting a fuel card, it is vital to ask the availability of their customer service. In case of theft or card malfunction, you or your driver can immediately escalate and resolve the issue.  This is very important especially if your fleet operates at night.

Rebates and savings
A fuel card is not only for hassle-free tracking of a fleet’s fuel consumption. With the right provider, you can have the chance to have huge savings as well! There are fuel cards that offer rebates, as well as discounts.

Invoicing and reporting
Many businesses switched to fuel cards because it allows them to keep track of every fuel transaction made by their employees. If this is also one of your primary goals of acquiring fleet cards, find a provider that has a detailed reporting tool. Typically, you will receive a monthly detailed report but there are tech advanced fuel cards that allow you to monitor transaction in an online portal. Some fuel cards can even be integrated with your company’s system.

Surcharges, fees and charges
Using fuel cards can be beneficial for your company however you should be cautious with the provider’s cancellation fees, card replacement and card application fees. As much as possible, you should look for a provider with a transparent fee structure. Surcharges can also immediately wipe away the advantages of the fuel card.  They might be small but they can pile-up and cost you more money in the long run.

Businesses utilise fuel card system to decrease administration costs and increase fleet transparency and efficiency. Your company can also benefit from fleet cards as long that you find the right provider to satisfy your fleet’s needs. Before making a decision, it is wise to weigh the pros and cons and do an extensive research.