First of all, congratulations on passing your test! Whilst it may all seem new and daunting going on the road alone, do not fear as here are some top tips to ensure you feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible.driving-bmw

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Letting Others Know

Seeing dozens and dozens of cars on the road beside you can feel overwhelming at times, especially if you’re going at high speeds and find you are surrounded by large lorries and vans. What may be useful to get is a P plate (probationary driver). This lets others around you know that you’re a newly qualified driver and to give you more leniency whilst you get to grips with everything. You will likely feel more at ease with them on, especially if you’re visiting unfamiliar places and going on a motorway for the first time. Of course, there are times when something may happen that isn’t your fault and it is best to seek advice from a professional road traffic accident claims advisor.

Take the Pass Plus Test

Pass Plus is a practical motorway training course that takes around 6 hours to complete and is mainly for new drivers to improve their skills. The course can be taken at any time; however, it is advised to do it within a year of passing your test (perfect for you!). A huge incentive in successfully completing the course is you may be eligible for a car insurance discount!

Practice Makes Perfect

Nobody said it was going to be easy, but nobody said it was going to be impossible either! It’s important to get out on the road and just practice, practice, practice! We all make mistakes and can’t be expected to be our most confident at the very beginning, but in time you will feel much more in control and begin to enjoy being in front of the wheel. Why not ask a family member or friend to join you? That way you have someone close to you who can make you feel at ease and you can maybe go on a nice road trip.

Get Rid of Distractions

I know it may seem fun to have all your friends in the car with your music blasting, but be aware that all this can be a distraction. No one is saying you must banish your friends from your car forever but maybe start off by just having one other person in the car, so you can adjust slowly and keep your concentration solely on the road! Another distraction is your mobile phone. Always make sure to have it turned off and ideally out of sight whenever you’re in the car. If you need to use a sat nav, it’s best to buy one from a store as opposed to using your phone!

Lastly, enjoy the freedom you now have with being a fully fledged certified driver! The world is your oyster so go out, have fun and explore!