Things You Should Be Taking Care of Online

Today, we live in the internet age on steroids. You can access the internet a multitude of ways from your computer, tablet, smartphone and even other devices like watches. Yes, watches have a use again. Even if you are tech savvy, you may still find yourself doing things the old school way. Why take time out of your day to go somewhere or spend time calling a call center when you go click a few buttons and get things done.

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The things people dread the most are government related tasks. They day that visits to the DMV, Clerk of Courts, or other agencies are a thing of the past cannot come soon enough. Luckily, technology is breaking into even the most stubborn branches of government. If you are interested in preserving your sanity, here are a few online services worth trying:

  • Pay Your Tickets and Tolls – If you live in a county or state where this is not available right now, you should move. Simple fines for infractions and highway tolls should always be paid online. At the end of the day, this is just supplementary “income” to most states so the less they have to spend in operating costs the better which is why you will find this type of fee payment digitized in most areas across the country. You just need to make to sure you find the right agency that handles the payment which may be a city, county, or outside agency.
  • Renew Your License or Registration – Here, you may find that less counties and states have embraced the wonder of the internet. Particularly in smaller towns or areas where deficits limit investment in technology, you will find people crowding DMV, RMV, or MVD offices. Other states and counties have blazed the trail though and have many of their required services online. Some states have taken on the task by developing the technology in house. Others have turned to privatization to allow companies to make the whole experience better. Others are doing both. Whether you renew your license or registration online directly through the state or via a premium service, you can’t wrong whenever you can avoid the DMV!
  • Update Contact and Mailing Information – When you move, change your name, or do anything that requires you to update your contact information with, well, everyone, you don’t have to always make a bunch of calls or visit offices to update necessary parties. You can do things like update your mailing address on your license and registration, setup address forwarding with USPS, and even under certain circumstances with the IRS all online!

Save your time on things you would rather be doing like Facebooking, Instagraming, or learning how to juggle. While the rest of the world catches up with the internet phenomenon, you will already know how and where to take advantage of the best part of living in the internet age.

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