The Volkswagen Infographic That Tells It ALL

Everyone loves Volkswagen!

It is not a statement based on personal opinions but rather one that has multiple statistics to rely on. The history of Volkswagen has changed a lot from its birth on May 28th, 1937 and comprises many changes and additions to the VW team. Nowadays, the VW group includes other important brands like Audi, Skoda, Seat, Bentley, Bugatti, Ducati, Lamborghini, Porsche or Lamborghini. Sounds pretty impressive, right?

In fact, if you know anything about German quality, the idea that the Volkswagen Group actually delivers what they promised shouldn’t come as quite a shock. This group produces over 10 million cars yearly and it has more than 100 production locations in 27 countries. The quality offered has brought its longevity and during the last 20 years, Volkswagen was on everyone’s lips in terms of reliability and bestsellers.

Among the most praised work done by this strong auto group is its technology. Whether we are talking about auto rain sensors, lane assist functions or ESC (Electronic Stabilisation Control), VW offers its clients the certainty that they are not alone in case of danger. The history of car accidents has changed drastically during the last few decades and not in a good way.

The number of drivers has risen, the ways to purchase a car from a younger age have diversified and the lessons of preventive driving are considered ‘auxiliary’ to the whole driving process. These have lead to many unfortunate accidents which could have been prevented whether with an ounce of extra attention from the driver or with the help of a more proficient car. With VW you can be sure you will find the latter one and work together in order to become a skillful driver in optimum conditions.

In terms of achievements Volkswagen can be proud of many important successes: reducing the waste in fabrics by 25%, reducing the CO2 pollution across the range, investing over £42 billion in sustainable technologies and the support shown through many sports sponsorships in international competitions like the Olympic Games in Beijing (2008) and Sochi (2014) or for the David Beckham Academy.

Bottom line: we love Volkswagen! If these reasons aren’t enough, you can surely find more to convince you in the infographic below, made by Cargiant. Take a look!


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