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If you commute to work every day in the car, then you might be wondering how you can make these journeys less stressful and easier on your bank balance. Well carpooling is the perfect option. More and more Americans are deciding to start carpooling as it comes with so many benefits for you, others and the environment around you. If you still need a little convincing to start carpooling, then we’ve come up with the five top benefits.

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Less Stressful

We all know that driving in rush hour traffic can be one of the most stressful things to do. Many drivers do silly things by swerving between lanes and driving too close to the car in front, putting everybody in danger. When you’re still half asleep in the morning, driving can be putting your life at risk. So give yourself a few mornings off the stressful drive and be chauffeured to work by your carpooling buddy, of course you’ll have to do the same for them, but a few mornings off driving will be great for you.

Easier On Your Pocket

By carpooling you’ll save yourself a load of money on gas as instead of you and your colleague paying separately for fuel for the journey, you’ll be able to share the costs. Not only will it save fuel but it will also save wear and tear on your car as it will be doing less miles. So if you want to save up for a holiday or new gadget then get carpooling.

Benefits the Environment

Carpooling results in less cars on the road which therefore means less harmful fuels being pumped into the atmosphere. So do your bit for the environment and share your ride to work. This will make you feel good about yourself and make the air around you a bit cleaner to breathe in.

Carpool Lanes

As an incentive to carpool, many states in the US have opened their own carpooling lanes. With enough people in your car you can use these lanes to get away from some of the traffic on the road. Usually located on the left hand side of the highway, using the carpool lanes will make your journey extra smooth.

Get to Know Your Colleagues a Little Better

Finally, what better way to get to know your colleagues than driving with them to and from work each day. You’ll be able to make a great relationship with them and make the next work drinks much less awkward. If you can’t find colleagues to carpool with then visit to find people driving in your area.

These are just five brilliant benefits that carpooling comes with, there are so many more. It doesn’t take much effort to start carpooling with your co workers or people in your area so why not get started today. You’ll be surprised at just how much money you save and the effect that driving less has on your energy and stress levels.